Universal Magick: The Five Principles of Power


Whether you call yourself a shaman, a witch, a sorcerer, or whatever it may be, the act of performing magick is universally the same. Remember that we defined magick as the ability to alter the fabric of reality in conformity and proportion to our imagination and will. There are certain universal principles that govern our reality. Once we understand those principles and learn to apply them effectively, we can virtually assure the results of our efforts every time we apply ourselves to that knowledge and understanding. This page is the result of decades of careful study and application of the principles that govern the mortal individual’s ability to literally change reality. The application of these principles in our everyday lives is so innate to our nature and thinking that we virtually apply them every day without any clear recognition that we are even doing so. For most people, the negative application of these principles in their lives has led to unnecessary pain and suffering world-wide. A simple understanding of these principles and their correct application can have equally astounding positive results. The principles are

clear, easy to understand and require no financial investment on your part. That only requirement in the application of these five principles is that you follow each step precisely and completely. Do not move to the next step until you are completely satisfied with the results of the last step. You have nothing to lose.

Reality of Illusion

On previous pages, we have discussed The Reality of Illusion versus The Illusion of Reality. I don’t desire to take the time and space to repeat that again here, but some mention does need to be made. In every society and culture, there exists a universal acceptance of what reality can and cannot be. This is called Consensus Reality. From earliest childhood and subsequent experience, we are indoctrinated by social interaction as to what the consensus reality is, and, thusly, what our illusion of reality may and may not be. This consensus reality is extremely powerful and all inclusive. Anyone who wanders outside of consensus reality will very quickly discover how powerful the influence and effects of consensus reality really are. For example, when I say David Koresh and Waco, Heaven’s Gate, Jim Jones, or Salem, Massachusetts, around 1690, we all have an instant recollection of those who have wandered beyond the norms of consensus reality. Within each of their own individual realities, their conditions and actions were perfectly understandable and justified. So we come to consensus reality vs. individual reality. Like the hundredth monkey theory, consensus reality is a long process in which everyone within a group, society, or culture agree and adapt a mass identification, complete with all the beliefs and taboos. Within this group exists all the individuals who are part of this mass identification, each with their own individual illusion of reality. In our present industrial consensus reality, anything that is not empirically oriented is subject to skepticism and denial. Anything that can be reasonably be termed occult, is feared and avoided. Thus, anyone involved in the paranormal, and especially the occult is shunned, feared, and usually threatened or punished back into conformity. For more information on consensus reality and the challenge of going beyond the consensus identity, I strongly recommend the paperback book written some years ago by Dr. W. Brugh Joy, called “Joy’s Way”.

This brings me to my point. In a group, society, culture or religion where adherence to the consensus reality is limited to empirical data only, magick and the practice of the occult arts with their corresponding gifts and abilities cannot flourish. In order for magick to exist, your individual illusion of reality must undoubtedly include the ability to perform magick. This is the prime difference between a witch or shaman and the average person attempting the same act. The “Magickal Illusion of Reality” will enable the practitioner to accomplish easily that which someone else who is either doubting or unsure will have great difficulty accomplishing. This magickal illusion is then reinforced time and again through positive experience until the witch or shaman is absolutely sure of their abilities.

Among the most sacred and important magickal truths that you may ever learn, you must learn a magickal illusion of reality. You must accept the possibility that magick does exist and that you, in fact, can alter the fabric of reality in conformity and proportion to your intent and will.

Shamanism, like other occult arts, is not a playground. The process of learning the craft, if you will, requires years of dedicated effort, and acknowledges the existence of powers, forces, and beings in a world separate from our own, but equally as real. By acknowledging the reality of these other-worlds and learning to work within the bounds which exist there, the Shaman gains the vital help and wisdom which is available. To the Shaman, the worlds through which he or she travels are just as real, just as vivid, and just as alive as the world in which you and I exist.

Having accomplished step #1, achieving a Magickal Illusion of Reality, there are five key aspects to the creation of any magickal act. The absence or negative influence of any one or more of these aspects will turn the tide of your efforts to naught almost before you begin. The ironic part of these aspects is that each one is totally dependent upon one thing – you!!! No outside influence, Solar or Lunar position, planetary alignments, archangels or even your immediate environment can stop you faster than your own “humanness.” That said, here goes.

The five elements by relative order of execution (some overlap or realignment may occasionally be required) are as follows:

1. Desire

2.) Intent

3.) Alignment

4.) Ritual

5.) Expectation


That’s pretty simple. We all know what desire is. Every one of us at this very moment, if asked, could name a desire and probably several. Desire is a longing or a need which someone wishes to satisfy. Desires usually range from wishful thinking (with no real expectation of it ever really coming to pass) to deep, burning, life consuming desire. For an act of magick to occur, there must first be a want or need that requires satisfaction. And secondly, that desire must have a force of emotion behind it. It must be a burning desire. Any thought sufficiently empowered by intense emotion will begin to draw to it the object of that thought, either good or ill. Thus the old adage – whatever you desire the most or fear the most, you will draw to you.


One of the most important factors in bringing empowered desire into physical reality is a clear and specific blueprint of exactly what you desire, or your expected outcome. This is not a vague or fuzzy guess, or in the case of a friend who run a business out of his home, who has 8 different house pictures, 3 different yacht pictures, 3 new automobile pictures and at least as many vacation packages, all on one refrigerator door. What is your clearly defined desire and the exact blueprint for your specified solution or outcome? Ever try to assemble one of your children’s more complex Christmas toys without using the instructions? Magick, and life in general, function the same way. Garbage in, garbage out!!! You must have a detailed, specific idea, plan or blueprint in mind of exactly what it is you desire to manifest, while being flexible enough to allow the Universe to bring to you the manifest result in the highest and best way. Please remember, when you are working on your intent as it relates to another human being, i.e. love spells, binding spells, etc., it is never acceptable to impose your force of will on another by Magick or otherwise. I cannot advise strongly enough that you avoid any Magickal practice that will know and deliberately harm or restrict the free agency of another. Be very careful what you send out as it will come back to you.


When you look in the mirror, how many people do you see? According to the ancient teachings of Huna and others, we are actually three people – the Higher Self or spirit, Talking Self or mental, logical self, and Younger Self, the lower, physical self. Each has a critical role to play in our ability to exist and function in this time and place, and in our ability to grow and evolve from our experiences while we are here. But each also has an agenda to satisfy. Younger Self is concerned with physical survival and sexuality, and generally associated with base wants and desires. Talking Self is concerned with your conscious thought processes and logic. And Higher Self is connected to Younger Self and to the Universal Consciousness, the seat of creation. From this standpoint, every decision, every act must originate with one or more aspects of our being and agree with or override the others. Here is where we

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encounter internal conflict, which can be sudden death to acts of magick. The purest act of magick will manifest with the greatest expectation of success when there is no internal conflict within yourself, between yourselves. Any internal conflict is bound to have a proportionately negative effect on your chances of success. For instance, if you desire to quit smoking, all three selves must be in alignment if you are to be totally successful. If Higher Self says that it is important to quit smoking, and Talking Self agrees that it would be good to stop smoking, but Younger Self enjoys smoking and does not want to quit, no matter how often you perform a ritual or “spell” to stop smoking, no matter how fervently you say you desire to stop smoking, you will never be completely successful until all three Selves are in agreement.

The following quote sums up pretty much all there is to be said about alignment and magick in general, “If you have done everything correctly, and there is no greater force opposing you, you have every right to expect the desired outcome”.

There are, of course, other considerations concerning conflict and magick. The compatibility of your friends and associates while you are working (if you are working in a group), and the compatibility of your external surroundings are all important, but any Shaman, Witch or Medicine Man worth his or her salt must practice to overcome all blocks and challenges and be ready, willing and able to work when work is required. To me, this separates casual magick from the true practitioner.


The next step in the co-creative process is ritual. In all of my experience, this is probably the most over-emphasized and least understood aspect of magick. It seems that the New Age shelves are full of books on ritual, candle magic, love spells, elixirs, potions and more. All address ritual from a purely mechanical, physical level, without adequately addressing the deeper aspects of true ritual.

So, what is ritual? In its simplest form, ritual is the effort of mortal man to reach beyond himself to that which is Timeless and attempt to evoke a favorable response. In ancient times, the more often a ritual Hecate_with_blood_offeringevoked a favorable response, the more powerful the ritual was thought to be. People would attempt to copy the powerful rituals, hoping to experience the same success, without understanding that there are very powerful hidden mechanisms working within a successful ritual that enhance or nearly guarantee that favorable response.

To understand ritual, you must understand metaphor and the associative functions of the human mind. Our minds work by association. We think in relative terms; we remember by association with other items already stored in our memory.

A metaphor is a pattern of thought in which the meaning ordinarily associated with one thing is applied to another. Have you ever heard someone say that they feel like they have been hit by a train or that they feel good enough to walk on water? These are metaphoric statements. We use metaphors constantly in our lives because the mind has a powerful capacity to relate through association of thoughts and concepts.

We now return to the three selves and the act of getting all three to agree and work together. This is the actual function of ritual. Ritual is the physical enactment of a clearly understood metaphor that works on all three levels of self to draw the selves into more perfect alignment, each self-participating in the ritual at the level of its own function. The Younger Self, through the physical body, is drawn into the actual physical enactment of the metaphor, Talking Self clearly understands the associations of the metaphor and the logic of the ritual in relation to the desired outcome, and Higher Self, connected to Younger Self and to the Eternal, can associate with the metaphor and then transmit the power of Younger Self generated in the ritual to propel the desire toward manifestation. The enactment of the metaphor on the physical plane is designed to align the selves and create sufficient power within the etheric substance of creation so as to alter physical reality according to the desired outcome.


The last and final stage of the ritual is expectation. Expectation is the attitude or state of mind that you assume while you are waiting for the etheric tide to return the physical manifestation of your desire. Expectation can range from obsessive worry and frustration to the point of illness through the full spectrum of human emotion all the way to joyous anticipation. If you have prepared well, done everything correctly (in accordance with the principles I have previously outlined), and there is no greater force opposing you (and there normally will not be unless you are acting contrary to the good of another), then you have every right to expect the anticipated outcome to be exactly as you created it. To the experienced shaman, this is a time of rest and taking the mind off the desired outcome. Worry, frustration, or anxiety over the outcome only cripple your work and stall or even cancel all your previous efforts. Rest, relax and enjoy your spare time.

I sincerely hope that you find this information helpful. I use these principles constantly in my own life and in my magickal practices, and know firsthand that they work.

The Magickal Persona: Finding the Magician Within


The Magickal Persona is a critical aspect of the Magickal practitioner. It is what helps us transcend mundane reality and slip into the magickal realms. It allows us to slip out of our mundane focus, set our jobs, relationships, and problems aside for a while, and focus on the things of the Spirit. The movie, “The Mask”, is a classic example of a Magickal Persona. In the movie, Jim Carey plays the part of a very klutzy, nerdy bachelor leading a very mundane, loveless life. But things quickly change when, quite by chance, he finds an ancient mystical mask that turns his reality upside-down. Unknown to Jim, the mask harbors the spirit of an ancient God of Mischief and Merriment. When Jim holds the mask to his face, it instantly revives this outlandish, animated character with hilarious super powers. From then on, Jim becomes involved in one absurd situation after another, until at last his personality becomes balanced; he wins the girl’s heart, and has no more need of the mask. Unfortunately, he throws the mask into the current of a local river, and we watch as his friend dives in after it, so the drama can begin again.

Although Jim Carey was still the same mundane person, the division of the two realities allowed him the freedom to experience in the magickal sense his inner psyche. By separating and enhancing the magickal aspect of consciousness, Jim was able to bring balance and meaning to his mundane aspect. In our everyday, mundane reality, we have a very clear, precise image of who and what we are in the many roles that we play. For men, this might include husband, father, employee, Little League Coach, etc. For a woman, this might include wife, mother, employee, Girl Scout leader, etc. We are only one person, but we play many roles, depending on whom we are interacting with. For most of us, this is all there is to our lives. Some people incorporate aspects of folk magick and superstition in these other roles, but that is not the same magick we are discussing here. Without the magickal aspect in our lives, we end up as so many sheep, living out our lives unaware of other possibilities or higher functions. The magickal practitioner knows that there is more to reality than the physical realms. He/she understands the awesome power of the intuitive. He/she knows beyond doubt that there are other realms and beings just beyond our mundane consciousness. The magickal persona is the doorway to these other realms.

Establishing the Magickal Persona

In establishing a magickal persona, it is critical to understand that when we “shift” into our magickal persona, we become quite a different person from any other aspect or role we may have. In order to emphasize and reinforce the different nature of the persona and imprint its different function on the conscious mind, the magickal persona is given a special, magickal name. The magickal name, ideally, should have some magickal significance to you. Many practitioners choose names of Gods/Goddesses, mythical beings or heroes, or a name of some special significance from childhood. This name, when spoken in the appropriate times and places, should become the trigger that calls that magickal persona forward. For most, this name is considered extremely sacred, and spoken only in the highest reverence. In fact, it is believed within some traditions that should an enemy learn your spiritual name, he/she may actually use that information to gain power over you. To this end, just remember to select your name carefully, and handle all magickal persona names as a sacred trust.

HermesTrismegistusCaucIn conjunction with the magickal persona, we also have special attire and amenities. For some, this special attire may be a robe or a dress. This usually includes your “cords”. Your cords are lengths of different colored cord, depending on your tradition, cut to a specific length and having a very specific meaning and function. Again these cords are sacred and must be safeguarded. Additional amenities might also include specific jewelry or headpieces for specific purposes. For some traditions, the appropriate dress is “sky clad”, meaning without any clothing at all. Before you cringe or pass judgment, remember that all we do is in “perfect love and perfect trust”. I can speak from personal experience when I say that some of the closest and most powerful circles I have ever been privileged to attend were “skyclad”. This type of ritual is not for everyone, but there is a love and a trust within these circles almost without parallel in any clad circle.

As an addendum to the dress for magickal practice, there are other sacred objects that reinforce the magickal aspect. These are your personal and alter items. The athame, the chalice, the sword, the wand and so forth. As you go about selecting these items, remember their purpose and status, and choose accordingly. Take the time and effort to make a magickal connection and a bond between you and your tools. They are not ordinary, regardless of their origin. Tools acquired from Goodwill are just as sacred as those are from the finest metaphysical store if it’s what you have available. It is the magickal association, connection and bond that you make with your tools that separates that which is sacred from that which is mundane.

That leads us to another aspect of the magickal persona, the rituals. To understand ritual, you must understand metaphor and the associative functions of the human mind. Our minds work by association. We think in relative terms; we remember by association with other items already stored in our memory.

A metaphor is a pattern of thought in which the meaning ordinarily associated with one thing is applied to another. Have you ever heard someone say that they feel like they have been hit by a train or that they feel good enough to walk on water? These are metaphoric statements. We use metaphors constantly in our lives because the mind has a powerful capacity to relate through association of thoughts and concepts. In addition, rituals work with the archetypal images and beings of the inner psyche.

We now return to the Anatomy of a Magickal Human and discuss the three selves and the act of getting all three to agree and work together. This is the actual function of ritual. Ritual is the physical enactment of a clearly understood metaphor that works on all three levels of self to draw the selves into more perfect alignment, each self-participating in the ritual at the level of its own function. The Younger Self, through the physical body, is drawn into the actual physical enactment of the metaphor, Talking Self clearly understands the associations of the metaphor and the logic of the ritual in relation to the desired outcome, and Higher Self, connected to Younger Self and to the Eternal, can associate with the metaphor and then transmit the power of Younger Self generated in the ritual to propel the desire toward manifestation. The enactment of the metaphor on the physical plane is designed to align the selves and create sufficient power within the etheric substance of creation so as to alter physical reality according to the desired outcome.

To construct an effective ritual, you must create an enactment of some behavior that attaches the desired outcome of the ritual to the actual aspect of reality you are going to affect. For example, from a real situation, a young woman desired to enhance the physical relationship between her and her boyfriend. She approached a well-known magickal practitioner for advice. She was given careful instructions and a list of required supplies. She was to go home, take a luxurious bath. Then she was to complete her preparations with whatever made her feel sexual and desirable. When she was ready, she was to retire into seclusion and prepare the next phase. This required a candle specially prepared for this ritual with a picture of her boyfriend carefully tied to the candle with red ribbon, of course. Rose petals were spread about the floor. When she was ready, she was to light the candle and turn on the music and begin visualizing what she wanted from her boyfriend as she erotically danced naked around the candle. She called the next day to ask if the candle was supposed to explode during the ritual! Since a candle is a male phallic symbol, I ask you, did she do it right or what? That is a very simple example of ritual, with all its metaphoric associations.

The very success of our magickal abilities is dependent on just how different our “magickal illusion” really is. This magickal persona is the heart and soul of the magickal practitioner. Eventually, many practitioners integrate the magickal persona into a closer association with their mundane aspects. But to every magickal practitioner I have ever known, regardless of tradition, the magickal persona was a key aspect.

How Does the Magickal Persona Work?

When we were children, one of our favorite past times was called “dress-up”. Whatever we were doing was always more fun, more cool, if we could actually find the things that made the experience more real. The more real the items we could scavenge, the better the experience. If we were playing soldier, uniforms, guns and forts were the order of the day. If we were playing Indians, feather headdresses, a bow and arrow and a teepee were the older of the day. If we were playing hospital, well, you get the point. The mind works by association, and we can program it just like a computer. If you teach it that a certain robe, a certain knife and a certain place are magickal, and you do it consistently and with certainty, the mind will learn the association and respond accordingly. The mind does not question your input, unless it is inconsistent with its previous programming. We teach the mind by constantly reinforcing the responses that we expect from it. We are back to the power of thought and emotion in making imprints in how we perceive, interpret and respond to certain stimulus. The more powerfully charged we can make the experiences that we imprint on our psyche, the more quickly and powerfully it will make the desired associations and produce the desired results. Remember, you cannot experience anything that you do not personally believe possible. The mind will rationalize and justify an alternative possibility every time. The power of the magickal persona lies in its ability to help the mind transcend normal patterns, and allow for the extraordinary.

Today, as a rule, I am long past the time of requiring “dress-up” to activate the magickal persona. Now, it is as much a feel and a state of mind, as anything physical. But the magickal persona is still a critical part of who I am and the work that I do. I literally become, invoke if you will, my magickal persona at the initiation of any magickal act, however insignificant that act may appear. In my mundane reality, my magickal persona is always present, though usually passive. With my magickal persona so poised, I am prepared to shift quickly into whatever mode may be required. This last aspect is not consistent with my understanding of generally accepted Wiccan beliefs, in that I perform many magickal acts and rituals with going through the prerequisite steps of casting and cleansing a circle. As a Witch and a Shaman, my practices often overlap. Be very careful making exceptions to these generally accepted rules. They have existed for centuries for very good reason, your safety.

The Validity of the Magickal Persona

As a channel, a clairaudient and a magickal practitioner, I have had many people ask me if I was not simply suffering from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). The basis of this argument is quite clear. My magickal experiences are beyond their “illusion of reality”, and thus not possible in their minds. Therefore, I must be suffering from some form of delusional, fragmented, personality disorder. This is a clear possibility, with one exception; I am perfectly capable of distinguishing reality from fantasy on the mundane plane, and acting appropriately. Besides, if I were suffering from some form of delusional personality disorder, it has taken me nearly four decades of intense effort to develop it to its present level. I have a friend who used to work at a mental facility. She once told me that she had just admitted a “high functioning, audio delusional” patient. I asked her to explain exactly what that meant, since medical jargon never means what it seems to imply. She said the patient was perfectly normal in every way, except that she kept hearing voices in her head. I, personally, would redefine her diagnosis as initiatory clairaudience. This patient was suffering from a classic Shamanic Initiation. She was experiencing something so profound, yet so unfamiliar that her mind could not ignore or rationalize it. As a result, she sought medical treatment. She did not need treatment, she needed training. If she had a previously existing magickal persona, she would have rejoiced at the ability to transcend normal reality and touch the beyond. Either that or I have finally found the correct medical jargon for my delusional, connected but fragmented condition.

Integration of the Magickal Persona in Mundane Reality

I was once told by my mentor that any magickal system that I could not access instantaneously in a crisis situation was not worthy of my time or effort. I consider this to be the truest test of one’s magickal system and ability. Once again, we are going to define Magick as the ability to alter the fabric of reality in conformity and proportion to your imagination and will. What greater reason could there possibly be to use your knowledge and skills, if not in a crisis situation, whatever that crisis might be. Life seldom offers most of us the luxury of advance warning when disaster is about to strike. Without time, many magickal traditions would be unable to respond. By the time you make the ritual preparations, cast a circle, raise a cone of power, perform the ritual (assuming you have one prepared), and close the circle, and wait for the etheric tide, a substantial amount of time has passed. In some cases, too much time. So what do you do? Please understand, I will never advocate breaking the rules of someone else’s tradition. but I do believe that we have far greater ability that we believe or accept. Furthermore, as magickal practitioners, we have a responsibility. You have a magickal persona. That magickal persona is only a thought away. In crisis situations, you may have no better ally that your own magickal persona. The ability to call upon and empower that persona instantaneously may be the difference between life and death. It has been for my wife and I on several occasions. My recommendation is this. Once you have developed your magickal persona, practice calling it forth at will. This should be a relative easy exercise. Practice calling up your magickal persona until you are absolutely proficient at it. Remember, in calling forth your magickal persona, you have called up your magical knowledge and skills. Now you must empower your work. Next practice calling up your magickal persona and raising your power levels. Use the power of your emotion. Feel the power surge through your body. Raise the power level as high as you can, don’t worry about sustaining it. Keep practicing raising that power. Try different methods, but experiment till you find you own individual connection to that power. Now begin randomly calling up your magickal persona, raise your cone of power and give it a simple, verifiable task. Play with the cloud formations, the wind direction and speed, whatever you find that helps you to practice. This is a disaster preparedness course. Treat it like one. Be serious and practice till you can see the results. When you can do this, your magickal persona is your constant, passive ally. You will never need worry about your magickal abilities again.

A Master’s Degree In Magick


Master Yourself and You can Master Anything

Master Plumbers, Master Electricians, Master Mechanics, and so on. The word “Master” tells us that these individuals have achieved the highest level of education and proficiency within his/her field of endeavor. Our colleges offer a Master’s Degree in an assortment of fields of study. A Master’s degree tells us that these men and women have met the required standards of education and proficiency within their particular curriculum. In many circles, the word “Master” has a very special significance. In the realms of the Occult, we sometimes hear about the “Ascended Masters”. These “OtherWorld” beings which have “mastered” the trials and lessons of mortality, and have evolved into beings of great power and authority. They are frequently known to use this great power and authority in behalf of the planet Earth and her mortal inhabitants.

It is this “occult “Master’s Degree” that I would like to discuss. The “Ascended Master” still in the flesh. The Master’s Degree that few will ever experience. This is an accelerated course in human and planetary evolution. At the completion of this course there will be no diploma or title. You may be the only living person who even knows that you’ve taken the course. This curriculum is actually a two-fold program. The first part relates to a “Master of Self”. The second part relates to a “Master of Humanitarianism”. The first aspect is about you. The second aspect is about how you relate to everything else around you, including the OtherWorlds.

The Master of Self

Master of Self includes the subjects of Self-Discipline, including becoming a master of your emotions, and the Dark Side.

Self discipline is about the higher aspects of human nature.
It’s about the ability to consciously choose your actions and responses by controlling your thoughts without regard to external stimulus. Among the first lessons that I was taught as an apprentice Shaman was control and temperance. I was told that unless I learned to control my thoughts, my feelings and my desires, and bring them into subjection to my will, my training would end. This end would be through no act of my mentors, but by virtue of my own inability to do what was required. I was trained, through a prolonged period of deliberate abuse, to maintain my composure through every situation. No matter how difficult or ugly the circumstances, I was required to maintain mental and emotional balance. These tests were necessary for a number of reasons. Probably the most important reason of all can be stated very simply, “How badly do you want what you say that you want”? How much are you willing to sacrifice or endure to achieve your desire. The tests require you to place a value on what you have asked to receive, in this case, the knowledge and power of the Shaman. Secondly, real power should only be wielded under the influence of absolute control and balance. Like any other lethal weapon, in the hands of the immature or imbalanced individual the effects can be devastating. And thirdly, the tests, when successfully completed, build ever higher levels of self-confidence. Ultimately, you realize that no one gave you this great knowledge and power, you acquired it. Through a program of carefully orchestrated lessons and tests, the Master Teacher walks you down an age old path, most of which you never realize, except in retrospect.

Master of Emotions

Emotions are the seat of power within the human psyche. It is the emotion attached to an event that creates a memory. The greater the emotion, the more powerful the memory. Emotion is the stimulus that gives life meaning. We define our world in terms of the emotions we experience. We consciously or subconsciously generate emotion on a nearly constant basis. As if the current moment and the affairs thereof are not sufficient, we project emotion through time and space. We relive old memories over and over, while intermittently projecting our emotions forward to all the anticipated events we have yet to experience. It is through thought and emotion that the power of manifestation comes. Emotion is power. It is the force that propels our thoughts into the Ethers of Creation. Sufficiently empowered, the thought magnetizes the Ethers to the pattern of that thought and begins the manifestation process. Just as thoughts are real things, emotion is real power. Very few people realize the awesome power that they wield by the combination of these two things (and maybe that’s a good thing!). Thus, control of one’s thoughts and emotions are a critical aspect of real Magic. We must be wise enough to know the process by which magic occurs and mature enough to accept responsibility for our creations. This requires conscious control.

The Dark Side

I was taught that the dark side can be a powerful ally. It is the seat of most people’s mentality, and that we, as humans, go through life constantly building our Dark Side, while carefully concealing its contents, for fear of betraying our true selves. I was taught that the ease and power of tapping the Dark Side makes man an easy target for its temptations. The Dark Side is the place where our sexuality, creativity, power, and more base emotions reside. It is by working extensively in this realm with one’s own psyche that understanding of one’s emotions occurs. A shaman does much of his work in this realm. This site contains an extensive page on the Dark Side, with all its attendant power and pitfalls. For more information on the dark side, please see Shaman And The Shadow.

Adult Immaturity

If these three subjects are not mastered, the psyche has a tendency to be immature and out of control. On the page, “The Male Mysteries”, I discuss the mature aspects of the King, Warrior, Lover and Magician. There IS another side, the immature aspect. We see it around us every day, we hear about its results on radio and television regularly, and unfortunately, many of us or our loved ones have been a victim of it. It is the dark, immature side of human nature. It is the immature bully acting out the Warrior. It is the self-centered sex partner seeking solely for immediate, personal gratification as the immature Lover. It is the ruthless dictator acting as King. And it is the misinformed, undisciplined, and/or out-of-control want to-be acting as Magician. These are, of course, very exaggerated examples of the immature male aspects, but never doubt, even these are out there in abundance.

Children go through many cycles of maturity on the way to adulthood. There is a stage of infancy at which the child believes the world revolves around him/her and everything in it is his/hers. Hopefully, that stage has ended before the elementary school years begin. When children enter school, they begin to learn how to develop relationships and social skills. When this does not occur, the immature pattern continues. If by puberty and high school, these immature patterns still persist, we can clearly see the result. The headlines today are filled with frustrated students that take guns to school and kill other students. In the final analysis, these students are usually the ones who are neglected at home, unaccepted by their peers, and bullied at school. The frustration of the student, combined with his/her immature capability to accept or resolve the issues, drives him/her to desperate acts of violence to avenge the wrongs of the “in” crowd. The immature Warriors and Lovers rear their ugly heads, and we see outrageous numbers of teen pregnancies, bullies, gangs, fights and murder. The immature Magician appears as children dabbling with Ouiji Boards, store bought spell books and secret rituals. The immature King, one of the prime targets in modern student shootings, is the school “jock”, cheerleader, or other elitist group member who openly flaunts and taunts his/her peers with his/her social prestige and power. By adulthood, these dysfunctional social skills result in divorce, spouse and child abuse, unemployment and welfare, rape and still more murder. I am told that social dysfunction is a contagious disease. You learn it from your dysfunctional parents and friends. Eventually, it becomes an endless chain of hereditary dysfunction because no one remembers what mature and healthy social function is.

We are faced today with social disaster. Immature attitudes and patterns are the accepted norm. The advent and frequency of “road rage” is a tell-tale barometer of just how frustrated and immature we have grown as a society. I agree that social dysfunction is a learned quality. This chain of events must be stopped if we are ever to evolve to be the enlightened beings we are capable of. I believe that man has the ability to discern appropriate behavior, and to make the correct choices. We are only as hopelessly lost as we choose to be.

Master Of Humanitarianism

The key to breaking this disastrous cycle has been clearly set forth in every sacred text ever written. We must reach beyond the limits of our own personal interest and desires, and allow our actions to become transpersonal. In modern terms, we call it “humanitarianism”. A humanitarian is someone who is in love with mankind in general, and concerned with the welfare of others. It is the ability to care as much or more for another than even yourself. Mother Theresa was a humanitarian. Humanitarianism is an act or feeling of benevolence, goodwill and affection for our fellow man, and the indulgence or forbearance of judgment against the same. It is the ability to see every other person as a divine creation, worthy of dignity and respect, if only on that basis alone. It is the ability to understand that on our journey through our soul’s evolution we play many roles from incarnation to incarnation. For our own experience, as well as the experience of those around us, there must be every kind and type of person, as well as every kind and type of situation. The true humanitarian can look beyond the veneer, and relate to the person inside. One must have the qualities of compassion and empathy.
In a world of self-interest and self-gratification, these are rare qualities. But when they appear, as they did in the personage of Princess Diana, the world responds. We are then reminded that the “Goddess is alive and Magic is afoot.”

Master of Credible Personal Accountability

For our purposes, CPA will be defined as “Credible Personal Accountability”. It means that from this moment on, you assume personal responsibility for every thought, word or act that emanates from you. You know the power of your thoughts and your emotions, and you become consciously responsible for their use. Credible means that not only are you honest with those around you, but you must be completely honest with yourself. You must be honest, not only in your thoughts, but in your feelings and motives as well. It means that you are no longer free to react, you must now respond. No one has power over you, except as you allow. No one has the ability to push your buttons. No one, including Satan himself, is responsible for your temptations or failures. And no one, including Jesus, the great Master that he was, is liable for dismissing them. You are on a soul’s evolutionary journey. Your experiences are just that – your experiences! When you assume personal responsibility for your own life, you pick up the power to become you own master. You look to no one else as the source of your problems and you look to no one else as you deliverer. You are the only Creator in your existence. Individually, we must accept responsibility for ourselves, beginning with our thoughts. When each individual on this planet accepts responsibility for his/her own personal stewardship as it relates to himself/herself and society, and becomes accountable for his/her actions, humanity as a whole will make the evolutionary leap. This comes one person at a time. As the “Hundredth Monkey Principle” teaches, when enough leaders step forward and take upon themselves this responsibility and set the example for the others, the tide will turn and mankind will begin to act as mature beings.

Master of Metaphysics

Having now covered self discipline and control, personal accountability and humanitarian spirit, let’s look at our individual ability to work magic. We are now going to discuss personal authority versus generic authority. The easiest way to begin an explanation is by example. Many years ago I was ordained a priest within a very large Christian religion. As part of that ordination, I was told that I had been given the authority to act in God’s stead through the intervention of Jesus Christ. Or, in other words, in the name of Jesus Christ, I could call down the powers of heaven. This is a classic example of generic authority. I am not using any power or authority of my own. All power vested in me belongs to someone else and is used by their permission according to the terms and condition of that permission. You are in essence borrowing authority. Personal authority is the authority vested within an individual to perform acts of magic based on their own individual knowledge and abilities. Generic authority can not become individual authority. You must step out from under the generic umbrella and stop using someone else’s authority to begin vesting yourself with individual, personal authority. The greatest difference between generic authority and personal authority that I personally discovered, having made the transition myself, is that generic authority tends to have a very high failure rate based on the fact that the practitioner assumes the authority is inherently present without really being required to understand the principles upon which the magical act is predicated. “I have the authority, therefore, this must work”. When it does not, the practitioner is left bewildered. To one who exercises “individual authority”, every aspect of the act requires a very specific understanding of the principles upon which that act is predicated. According to an old adage, “If you have done everything right and no greater force is opposing you, then you may have every expectation that your desire shall come to pass”. Once again, the emphasis is on “if you have done everything right”. It is the responsibility of the would-be practitioner to seek out, study, learn, and master the formula for effective magic. Or as Jonathan Livingston Seagull learned, it does not take faith to fly; it takes an understanding of the laws upon which flight is based.

One other point of personal versus generic authority is the long term aspect. Personal authority is eternally cumulative. It can not be taken away. Once you learn the principles of magic, everything else is just refining and adding to what you already know. Simple magic can be worked with just a clear understanding of the Five Steps of Universal Magic, as described on an earlier page, and sufficient powers of concentration and visualization. This point has been proven repeatedly by my apprentices and students. With as little as one hour of real, understandable principle, they have worked some truly amazing, life changing magic. That is not to say that there is not more to learn, but all of the more complex aspects of magic can be studied, understood and integrated as you become more knowledgeable and practiced. Sometimes, in our un-enlightened bliss, we do something, not knowing that it should not work. It worked because you didn’t know that it shouldn’t. This is often the basis for very powerful results from very elementary practitioners.

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of personal authority. When you go to the airline counter to purchase a ticket, who determines when, where and how you will travel. Generic authority is like being a child and allowing someone else to be responsible for you, making those decisions and paying your way. With personal authority, you become responsible for yourself. Granted, in the short run, you may not be able to go as far. But in the long run, with diligence and practice, you own the plane.

The Master Magician

If we examine the lives of all the great men and women in recorded history, both in religious text as well as political text, we find many similarities. The greatest similarity was their willingness to sacrifice all, including their own lives, to bring about change in the human condition. As “Master Humans”, their desires and their motives were transpersonal. They superseded their own wants and needs with a greater cause, the good of their fellow man. This transpersonal attitude was wrought from self-discipline and control. Of course they were human. They had the same wants and needs as all of us. Having achieved the status of “Master Human”, they began to shift the reality of the world around them. Through the long term application of magical operation, they altered the fabric of human social reality. Mahatma Handy unified a diverse and fractured India. Rev. Nelson Mandela, after decades of incarceration, now stands as the Architect of the fall of Apartheid in South Africa. The Rev. Martin Luther King had a vision that eventually swept America. Sister Theresa, by her work and example, created an entire order of nuns willing to risk their lives in unthinkable circumstances to promote humanitarian aid. But for every name recorded, there are thousands whose names were never recorded. Their impact was just as great. In the end, you may be the only one who knows that you have taken this course, but the world will be a better place because you did!

Method of Fortune Telling With Playing Cards


In Fortune-Telling by Cards as in all games at which they are employed the Ace ranks highest in value. Then comes the King, followed by the Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine, Eight and Seven, with the other numbers in their order. The comparative value of the different suits is as
follows :

First on the list stand Clubs, as they mostly portend happiness, and, no matter how numerous or how accompanied, they are rarely or never of bad augury. Next come Hearts, which usually signify joy, liberality, or good temper. Diamonds, on the contrary, denote delay, quarrels and annoyance, while

Spades, the worst of all, signify grief, sickness and loss of money. I am, of course, speaking generally, as, in many cases, the position of cards changes their signification entirely, their individual and relative meaning being often widely different. Thus, for example, the King of Hearts, the Nine of Hearts and the Nine of Clubs signify respectively a liberal man, joy, and success in love; but change their position by placing the King between the two nines, and you would read that a man, then rich and happy, would be ere long consigned to a prison. I will, in the first place, give a complete list of the cards, together with their precise significance, and then briefly describe the manner of their arrangement by English seers, with a view to the successful disclosure of their mystic oracles.

  • Ace of Clubs.—Wealth, happiness and peace of mind.
  • King of Clubs.—A dark man, upright, faithful and affectionate in disposition.
  • Queen of Clubs.—A dark woman, gentle and pleasing.
  • Jack of Clubs.—A sincere but hasty friend. Also a dark man’s thoughts.
  • Ten of Clubs.—Unexpected riches, and loss of a dear friend.
  • Nine of Clubs.—Disobedience to friends’ wishes.
  • Eight of Clubs.—A covetous man. It also warns against speculations.
  • Seven of Clubs.—Promises good fortune and happiness, but bids a person beware of the opposite sex.
  • Six of Clubs.—Predicts a lucrative business.
  • Five of Clubs.—A prudent marriage.
  • Four of Clubs.—Cautiousness against inconstancy or change of object for the sake of money.
  • Three of Clubs.—Shows that a person will be more than once married.
  • Two of Clubs.—A disappointment.
  • Ace of Diamonds.—A letter—but from whom and what about must be judged by the neighboring cards.
  • King of Diamonds.—A fair man, hot tempered, obstinate and revengeful.
  • Queen of Diamonds.—A fair woman, fond of company and a coquette.
  • Jack of Diamonds.—A near relation who considers only his own interests. Also a fair person’s thoughts.
  • Ten of Diamonds.—Money.
  • Nine of Diamonds.—Shows that a person is fond of roving.
  • Eight of Diamonds.—A marriage late in life.
  • Seven of Diamonds.—Satire, evil speaking.
  • Six of Diamonds.—Early marriage and widowhood.
  • Five of Diamonds.—Unexpected news.
  • Four of Diamonds.—Trouble arising from unfaithful friends ; also a betrayed secret.
  • Three of Diamonds.—Quarrels, law-suits and domestic disagreements.
  • Two of Diamonds.—An engagement against the wishes of friends.
  • Ace of Hearts.—The house. If attended by Spades, it foretells quarrelling—if by Hearts, affection and friendship—if by Diamonds, money and distant friends—if by Glubs, feasting and merrymaking.
  • King of Hearts.—A fair man, of good-natured disposition, but hasty and rash.
  • Queen of Hearts.— A fair woman, faithful, prudent and affectionate.
  • Jack of Hearts.—The dearest friend of the consulting party. Also a fair person’s thoughts.
  • Ten of Hearts.—Is prophetic of happiness and many children ; is corrective of the bad tidings of cards next to it, and confirms their good tidings.
  • Nine of Hearts.—Wealth and high esteem. Also the wish card.
  • Eight of Hearts.—Pleasure, company.
  • Seven of Hearts.—A fickle and false friend, against whom be on your guard.
  • Six of Hearts.—A generous but credulous person.
  • Five of Hearts.—Troubles caused by unfounded jealousy.
  • Four of Hearts.—A person not easily won.
  • Three of Hearts.—Sorrow caused by a person’s own imprudence.
  • Two of Hearts.—Great success, but equal care and attention needed to secure it.
  • Ace of Spades.—Great misfortune, spite.
  • King of Spades.—A dark, ambitious man.
  • Queen of Spades.—A malicious, dark woman, generally a widow.
  • Jack of Spades.—An indolent, envious person ; a dark man’s thoughts.
  • Ten of Spades.—Grief, imprisonment.
  • Nine of Spades.—A card of very bad import, foretelling sickness and misfortune.
  • Eight of Spades.—Warns a person to be cautious in his undertakings.
  • Seven of Spades.—Loss of a friend, attended with much trouble.
  • Six of Spades.—Wealth through industry.
  • Five of Spades.—Shows that a bad temper requires correcting.
  • Four of Spades.—Sickness.
  • Three of Spades.—A journey.
  • Two of Spades.—A removal.

The Court cards of Hearts and Diamonds usually represent persons of fair complexion—Clubs and Spades the opposite. Any picture-card between two others of equal value, as two tens, two aces, etc., denotes that the person represented by that card runs the risk of imprisonment. Signification of Different Cards of the same Denomination Four Aces, coming together, or following each other, announce danger, failure in business and sometimes imprisonment. If one or more of them be reversed, the danger will be lessened, but that is all.

Three Aces coming in the same manner, signify good tidings ; if reversed, folly.

Two Aces.—A plot ; if reversed, it will not succeed.

Four Kings.—A consultation on important business,the result of which will be highly satisfactory ; if reversed, success will be doubtful.

Two Kings.—A partnership in business ; if reversed, a dissolution of the same. Sometimes this only denotes friendly projects.

Four Queens.—Company, society ; one or more reversed denotes that the entertainment will not go off well.

Three Queens.—Friendly calls ; reversed—chattering and scandal, or deceit.

Two Queens.—A meeting between friends ; reversed—poverty, and troubles in which one will involve the other.

Four Jacks.—A noisy party, mostly young people ; reversed—a drinking bout.

Three Jacks.—False friends ; reversed—a quarrel with some low person.

Two Jacks.—Evil intentions ; reversed—danger.

Four Tens.—Great success in projected enterprises ; reversed—the success will not be so brilliant, but still it will be sure.

Three Tens.—Improper conduct ; reversed— failure.

Two Tens.—Change of trade or profession ; reversed— denotes that the prospect is only a distant one.

Four Nines.—A great surprise ; reversed—a public dinner.

Three Nines.—Joy, fortune, health ; reversed wealth lost by imprudence.

Two Nines.—A little gain ; reversed—trifling losses at cards.

Four Eights.—A short journey ; reversed—the return of a friend or relative.

Three Eights.—Thoughts of marriage; reversed folly, flirtation.

Two Eights.—A brief love-dream ; reversed small pleasures and trifling pains.

Four Sevens.—Intrigues among servants or low people, threats, snares and disputes ; reversed—that their malice will be impotent to harm, for the punishment will fall on themselves.

Three Sevens.—Sickness, premature old age ; reversed— slight and brief indispositon.

Two Sevens.—Levity ; reversed—regret.

In order to know whether the Ace, Ten, Nine, Eight and Seven of Diamonds are reversed, it is better to make a small pencil-mark on each to show which is the top of the card. It requires no great effort to commit these significations to memory, but it must be remembered that they are only as the alphabet is to the printed book ; a little attention and practice, however, will soon enable the learner to form these mystic letters into words, and words into phrases—in other language, to assemble the cards together, and then read the events, past and to come, which their symbols pretend to reveal.

Method Of Tarot With Playing Cards

KSHaving given the signification of the various cards, I will now proceed to describe the manner of their employment. After having well shuffled, cut them three times, and lay them out in rows of nine cards each. Select any King or Queen you please to represent yourself, and wherever you find that card placed, count nine cards every way, reckoning it as one ; and every ninth card will prove the prophetic one. Before beginning to count, study well the disposition of the cards, according to their individual and relative signification. If a married woman consult the cards, she must make her husband the King of the same suit of which she is Queen

But if a single woman, she may make any favorite male friend King of whatever suit she pleases. As the Jacks of the various suits denote the thoughts of the persons represented by the picture cards of a corresponding colour, they should also be counted from.

To Tell Whether You Will Get Your Wish

To try whether you will get your wish, shuffle the cards well, all the time keeping your thoughts fixed upon whatever wish you may have formed. Cut them once, and remark what card you cut
; shuffle them again, and deal out into three parcels. Examine each of these in turn, and if you find the card you turned up next to either the one representing yourself, the Ace of Hearts, or the Nine of Hearts, you will get your wish. If it be ioi the same parcel with any of these, without being next them, there is a chance of your wish coming to pass at some more distant period ; but if the Nine of Spades should make its appearance, you may count on disappointment.

Basic Shamanism


“The ancient ways have not ceased to work, we have ceased to work the ancient ways”.

What Is A Shaman?

Shaman is a term often mistakenly used in reference to a wide variety of occult practitioners otherwise known as Medicine Men, Witches, Wise Ones, Healers, and others involved in the occult arts for the purpose of divination or healing. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the term Shaman today is that it does not carry with it the strongly negative connotation which has come to be associated with many of the other titles previously mentioned.

The term “Shaman” actually refers to a man or a woman who is able to enter into an altered state of consciousness for the purpose of embarking upon a spirit journey into alternate dimensions and realities in order to access hidden knowledge or power to help others. During this journey, the Shaman uses “spirit helpers” as an integral part of accomplishing his or her work. The work of finding and allying these spirit helpers is a critical part of the shaman’s daily life.

What Does A Shaman Do?

Hamatsa ShamanSince the dawn of time, shamans have been the first, and often only, line of defense against illness and chaos within their culture. Their skills healed the sick. Their journeys and subsequent wisdom gave order to the universe. Their powers of divination gave insight into the future. They served as doctors, psychiatrists, and ministers to their people. Their presence was central to the health and well-being of their culture. Specifically, shamans have three main functions within society – healing the diseased, accessing new or ancient knowledge from the OtherWorlds, and foretelling the future. And although most shamans are familiar with all three aspects, each shaman generally has a particular field of expertise. To a large extent, the shaman’s field of expertise is determined not only by his/her natural abilities, but by the number and type of helping spirits the shaman has allied. To a shaman, disease (or dis-ease), within an individual or culture is the result of one of two factors. The first factor is the loss of a critical aspect of the self, such as the loss of one’s soul or power animal, which results in an imbalance or disharmony within the body, mind or soul of that individual or culture. A second factor in disease is the presence of a foreign intrusion within the self, also resulting in imbalance and disharmony within the self. This foreign intrusion may be either organic or inorganic in nature. To facilitate the recovery of the victim, the shaman must go on an exploratory journey deep inside the victim’s many layers of self, or possibly even into the OtherWorlds to determine the cause of the malady. If the shaman discovers the source of the problem, and has a sufficient number of the “right kind” of helping spirits, he or she may then deal with the problem. If the shaman does not have the right number and kind of helping spirits, he/she must either find and ally them, or the shaman must send the victim to another shaman known for that kind of disease. A shaman must never attempt to take on a disease when lacking the appropriate spirit helpers. To do so is to leave the shaman himself/herself vulnerable to attack as well.


Altered States Of Consciousness and Other Worlds

To accomplish his or her work, the Shaman learns to access the OtherWorlds through an altered state of consciousness. The ability to move between and work in other worlds is not unique to shamanism, although the work of the shaman is more closely tied to the OtherWorlds than other occult practices may be.
astral5The work of learning to access the altered state of consciousness at will and the subsequent task of acquiring helpers becomes the basis upon which an individual is actually able to function as a Shaman. The Shaman must be able to enter into non-ordinary reality and explore and map that non-ordinary reality so that he or she knows where to journey to find the appropriate helpers in order to accomplish the desired task. The journey into non-ordinary reality is most frequently accomplished by what many would term visualization. The shaman will make many countless journeys into non-ordinary reality. It is essential that the shaman continue mapping and exploring every aspect of non-ordinary realities to understand the nature, terrain and occupants of each location, as well as acquire new helpers and gain greater and greater experience with each subsequent journey.

The most frequent reasons for Shamanic Journeys include:

  1.  Finding a power animal for yourself or someone else.
  2.  Recovering a power animal or spirit guide that has left you or the person that the journey is being made for.
  3. The search for foreign objects or intrusions within the patient’s body, which could be the source of illness or loss of power.
  4. The search for the soul or a soul fragment of the patient, which has been lost by trauma or carelessness, or stolen by another person.

Shamanic Sight and The Journey

Once the shaman has entered into an alternate state of consciousness, his/her primary vehicle for moving about the OtherWorld (consisting of a myriad of alternate dimensions and realities) is a spontaneous visualization called a journey. To the untrained spectator, the visions and experiences that the shaman has during his journey can easily be written off as an over-active imagination or a drug-induced hallucination. To the shaman, the reality of the experience is never questioned. The experiences of our conscious, waking reality holds no more validity to the shaman than the visions and experiences of his or her journey. By virtue of the shaman’s intense belief in the things that he or she saw and experienced and did while on the journey, the shaman has carried the intent of the journey from the realm of the imagination to the act of co-creating a new reality based on the power that was generated and released during the ritual. The shaman knows that the experiences actually occurred exactly as he or she lived them. On this premise, the shaman has every right to expect the outcome of the ritual to be exactly as he or she experienced and created it. This ability to actually know the validity shamanic other worldof the experience comes from the empirical reinforcement that whatever the shaman sees in the OtherWorld, or whatever changes the shaman makes in the OtherWorld, there is a physical manifestation of that reality in our world. A shaman does not merely believe in what he sees and does, the shaman knows.

I am sure that many of you have been to groups or classes that practice some form of guided visualization. As a result, I am often asked if a guided visualization is a journey. I can only answer that question in terms of whether the guided visualization actually met the criteria of a shamanic journey. Here are a few points that you can compare.

1.) Did the visualization have a clearly defined intent, based on one of the three reasons that a shaman journeys?
Was it for healing yourself or another?
Was it to retrieve actual hidden knowledge or power from another world or dimension to help yourself or another?
Was it to divine some future event that might potentially have a dramatic effect on your people or culture?

2.) Did the journey follow some traditional shamanic pattern?
How did you enter and navigate the Underworld or the Web of Power?
What shamanic abilities did you demonstrate while on your journey?
What spirit helpers did you employ to help you accomplish your intent?

3.) Did your journey transcend imagination and achieve the level of shamanic sight?
What did you see or do while on your journey that you can verify once you have returned?
Did you achieve sufficient intensity to actually expect a change in reality?
Over a reasonable period of time, did the intent of your journey manifest itself in the way that you created it “over there”?

If your guided visualization to the “crystal castle” or the “enchanted lake” was a nice reprieve from normal reality, that’s fine. But that is not a journey. A journey incorporates a clear, well defined intent to achieve a specific task, combined with sufficient intensity and power to achieve that end.

Spirit Helpers

As we have already discussed, there are several critical aspects of becoming a shaman. One is the ability of the individual to successfully enter into an alternate state of consciousness. The second is the ability to use shamanic sight to traverse the Web of Power, accessing the myriad of other dimensions and realities. And the third is the ability of the shaman to find and keep spirit helpers, which actually enable the shaman to accomplish his or her work in the OtherWorld. In simplest terms, spirit helpers are non-ordinary dimensional beings who may resemble earthly forms or actually have a form in mundane reality, such as plants, animals, birds, or insects, but whose essence and power actually reside in other

fiery spirit

Jones Page “Like A Fiery Spirit”

dimensions. A shaman knows that the characteristics and powers of these beings in other dimensions is quite different than what he or she might experience here. For this reason, the shaman is constantly using his or her intuitive powers to discern the presence of a helping spirit. Should the shaman discern the presence of such a being, the general practice is to immediately ingest the the physical form, thus also ensuring the assimilation of the higher aspects as well. The subsequent responsibility is keeping and using that helping spirit, while continuing to gather more.

The importance of the helping spirits in the life and work of the shaman cannot be underestimated. A shaman, in many ways, is much like the modern doctor. The doctor must be able to accurately differentiate between a bacterial infection and a viral infection. The shaman clearly understands that the various dis-eases within his patients have a wide variety of causes, which must be accurately diagnosed. Like the doctor, the shaman must know the proper “cure” for that disorder. And like the doctor, when the occasion requires, the shaman must go deep within the patient to correct the problem or remove the malignant intrusion. Both practices require the utmost skill and knowledge. Where the dotor relies on a wide variety of antibiotics and chemicals, the shaman relies on a wide variety of helping spirits. The type and intensity of each disease requires a specific type and number of helping spirits to overcome it. Should the shaman attempt to extract a specific intrusion without the proper type and number of helping spirits, the shaman may in fact become the victim, instead of the healer. This is the reason that shamans dedicate such a large portion of their efforts to finding and keeping their helping spirits – their very work as a shaman depends on it.


Power Animals

To understand the true meaning of a “power animal”, we must look beyond man’s normal perception of the domesticated animal kingdom – creatures that can be harnessed for work, food for the table, or a nuisance or danger to human habitation and progress. Specifically, we must focus our attention upon the undomesticated animal kingdom. It is believed that domestic animals, by their subjection to man’s S166_Polar_Wolf-Heildelberg_Zoo_2005will, have lost their “Spirit” (their true and wild nature) and no longer behave instinctually, as their wild counterparts do. Thus, the domestic animal has given away or been robbed of its innate power and abilities, and with only a very few exceptions, is unworthy to be a power animal. When wild birds and animals are truly studied and analyzed in the context of their own habitat, away from and untainted by man, we see that every animal has within its very nature certain qualities and abilities that make it adept, if not supreme, at survival within its realm. These abilities, in many cases however, are not confined to just the physical realm. Creatures like the bat, the raven and the owl and many others are also associated with mysticism and the occult.

When we talk about finding our power animals, we are not just talking about intellectualizing the beast, or an outward emotional attachment to the Beast. We are talking about the ability to become the Beast. It is the ability to “shape shift”, if you will, into the Beast. The Beast is raw, unbridled instinct and power, called forth from the deepest shadows of our essence in the instant that it is needed, when the human aspect of our reality can not achieve what it must. When a warrior faces his enemy, or a hunter chases his prey, or a lover faces his love, or survival is at stake, the Beast rises from within, sensing instinctively the moment, and responding intuitively, according to its needs. It responds as the beast would respond. When the Warrior/Hunter aspect is released, there is no place the prey can run or hide that it cannot be found; no amount of pleading will sway it; Death blows will not stop it. The Beast Warrior becomes the dreaded Beserker, who says, “You cannot kill me, for I am already dead. I have entered into your Spirit, and I own you. You are now mine.” In a survival situation, it is the primal, raw energy called forth to surmount impossible odds and overcome life-threatening situations, such as the story of a father lifting a car to save the life of his child. In love, it is the primal driving force to pure ecstasy and orgasm, that holds back nothing. Within the intensity and power of the unbridled beast, the Snake (Kundalini energy) rises from its cradle of power deep within the base chakra, unleashing the raw energy and power that washes over the body, renewing and energizing the lovers.

It takes tremendous self-discipline to find and understand the Beast within, to know the difference between the wild animal and the human, so that the Beast does not overpower the human and become dominant. The Beast is an aspect of the Shadow Kingdom, a resident of our own dark side. It is an aspect of our subscious. For many, it is that part that we dare not admit exists. For others, we know its power, and we dare not unleash it. To the Master, it is the edge. It is pure, raw power on command. It is ecstacy, and our doorway to the beyond. When it is no longer needed, it returns to the Shadows that are its home. One must learn how to work with the Beast, calling it forth at will and then letting go of all logical thought. When all is said and done, the Beast disappears back into the shadows from whence it came. Remember, when the Beast returns to the Shadows, the mind and the body must now adjust to the radical shift in consciousness. The Beast has expended incredible amounts of energy – energy that must be replaced. It may take several days of rest, food, and plenty of liquids to replace what has been used (traditionally four days). Take care of your body during this after-time so there are no ill effects.

shamanic power animal skullBy your very nature, you are endowed with certain strengths and abilities that are also possessed by certain power animals. By discovering and studying the Beast(s) within, you may discover deeper levels of strength and resilience, new and more effective ways to apply that strength and ability, other related or supporting strengths and abilities, added confidence in the use of the ability, and frequently a new connection and reverence for our planetary neighbors, the Beasts.

To find your power animal, you must be willing to drop all of your illusions about who and what you believe you are, and about the reality of your Dark Side. You do have one! We all do. You must be willing to look deeply into the shadows of your Dark Side and see the Beast looking back. Remember that your Dark Side only contains those aspects of you that you have placed there, generally because social consensus reality says these qualities are undesireable or unacceptable. And we know very clearly that wild animals are not socially acceptable. Now that you have found your Beast’s lair, now you must access the Beast. In a safe place, away from those who would criticize and scorn, release the beast. Call it up and feel it. Become the Beast. Hold nothing back. Let your human consciousness go. Wild animals live by intuition and instinct. Become the Beast.

To attract a power animal, the process is very similar. Instead of finding the animal, you must entice it in. Remember, you are not trying to capture it, you are trying to become it. Power animals cannot be captured and caged. You cannot domesticate it. You cannot train it and ride it at will like a horse. It’s not like seeing it in a zoo. You must meet it on its terms, not yours. You must call the essence of the Beast in by imitating its behavior, calling it, enticing it, playing with it, allowing it to flow into you. Experiencing a power animal is not about a human trying to think like an animal, or a human trying to feel like an animal. This concept is not about you experiencing the animal. This concept is about you becoming an animal. An animal with stregth and power far superior to your own. An animal with insticts honed to perfection by centuries of practice. An animal perfect in its enviroment. You must allow yourself to become the desired animal.

The Shaman’s Tools

Another important aspect of Shamanism is the tools the shaman uses, both to create the altered states of consciousness, and the work which is being done within the altered reality. Tools of shamanic practice include drums, rattles, bells, songs, and dances. Drums are used in shamanic work to create the low frequency, monotonous rhythm which alters the brain wave pattern of the shaman, allowing the shaman to induce and maintain the altered states more easily. The rhythm of the drum, under the control of the shaman’s assistant (frequently the shaman’s apprentice or mate) helps set or adjust the tempo of the journey to aid the shaman through various transitions or challenges during the journey. In addition, the shaman frequently has a chant or song, called a power song, which he may employ during the ritual to call in spirit helpers that may be required. It has been my experience that these “power songs” come from one of two sources. The power song is either passed from shaman to apprentice within a particular tribe or clan, or the power song is given by the power animal or helper to the shaman as a way for the shaman to connect to that animal or helper when desired. A final object that I might mention here, employed by myself and many other shaman, is the quartz crystal. The stone can be employed in many different ways because of the vibrational quality that each stone carries. I use a single quartz crystal in the soul retrieval ritual as a comfortable and protected way to carry the soul of my patient back to the body from the OtherWorld so that it can be “blown” back into the patient.

Beginners Guide to Witchcraft and Magic Spells


Magic or ‘magick’ as it is sometimes called, is about art and science, philosophies, and state of mind. Either a lifelong passion and pursuit, or a shortlived curiousity to most. Some question its reality or deny it altogether, others live by it and see it everyday, some want to believe and seek answers from books,mentors and religions who are all too happy to provide the answers to all their questions. The true answers however lie within,and within is where to look first. All the books, all the religious teachings and clear cut magic spells and rituals should only serve as tools or someones attempt at helping to guide others to find the answers within themselves.

It seems so commonplace, someone takes an interest in magic, Witchcraft, the Occult and the Mystical only to end up turned off or discouraged by religions like Wicca that claim to be the answer. And as a result many people are left unable to differentiate the practice of magic or Witchcraft from religious beliefs and practices, which is totally separate from the practice of magic or Witchcraft itself. Not that I have anything against someone practicing any religion they choose, I just want to make it clear that these are two very separate subjects.

With all that being said, what this article does touch on is how someone interested in studying magic and witchcraft’s basic principles and methods should begin. Just a basic outline of ways to find and develop your abilities. These are general methods that will work for you with time and perseverance, but as I mentioned above the real revelations will come from within yourself.

The first thing I would like to suggest, is refrain from hitting up the local bookstore just yet. At such an early stage in the development of your magical abilities and state of mind 90% of the books you find will only serve to implant belief systems and thwart your personal development. Before you start soaking in other peoples takes on magic and witchcraft you need to develop your own foundation and feel for how you tune in to magic energies.

You should take a moment to sit back and think to yourself, do you really believe in magic? Having made it this far, I am willing to bet the answer is yes to some extent. Take the time to reflect on what magic means to you, how do you define it to yourself? It really is such a broad term. In a sense magic is everywhere, the fact we exist is magic. The way things sometimes seem to fall into place perfectly at just the right moment. The magic connection every living and non living thing shares to each other and the universe as a whole. Everything uses magic to some degree whether or not it realizes it. The difference between the magician and the mundane is the mundane uses magic subconsciously involuntarily and never realizes it, the Magician realizes it and has focused the ability to the point he can call on magic voluntarily and in much more profound ways.

Start training yourself to look for synchronicities and abandon the notion of coincidence. Pay attention to the smallest details. Train your mind not to block out the small noises it processes as just background static. Pay attention to the things in the corner of your eye you may usually dismiss, learn to see the peripheral. Listen for thoughts of your own mind and those that are not. These things alone will go far in
developing your magic abilities, but no reason to stop there.

Once you have trained yourself to do this to some extent, and you will know when you have. Remember the magic state of mind you put yourself in, it shouldn’t be hard as its much like riding a bicycle. Practice going into this state of mind at will, on a moments notice. It should be much like shifting the gears of a car. In this mental state, you are still aware but less anchored to the physical plane. You are seeing the things around you with different eyes. This will be the state of mind you enter when you are ready to exercise your magic abilities and later casting your own magic Spells.

Now enter your magic state of mind and close your eyes, begin visualizing your surroundings. See yourself sitting in the room or area you are in, visualize it as vividly as you can. Now you are going to create a magic barrier or shell around yourself to protect yourself. Not only from harm in general, but from spirits, sentient energies, and other scavengers of sorts that may be attracted by the energies your building up. This barrier will also serve as a shield against magic and psychic attacks by other people, and give you a bit of privacy. You may charge this magic barrier to protect you against anything you specify as well. To begin building the magic barrier around yourself after having already visualized
yourself in the room. Begin visualizing a small magic sphere in the center of your chest, visualize it as it pleases you. Any color,texture or even shape that you feel suits you best. Inhale deeply and visualize the energy charging the small magic sphere, and exhale and visualize it growing a bit larger. Repeat this inflating of the sphere until it totally surrounds you. When you are done hold your arms out or make a gesture that suits your style and release the spheres energy back into the air where u drew it from. When preforming spells you should create this magic barrier around yourself if you have the time. It really shouldnt be of concern until you begin more complex spells and rituals.

By now you should be able to enter your Magical state of mind and have the art of visualization down to a simple thing for you to do. So these next few little excercises should be no problem. The next time your around someone, try to get a feel for their energy in general. Do they seem tense? energetic? happy? Once you think you have tuned into it, enter your Magical state of mind for a moment and sing a catchy tune mentally and direct it toward them. See if you dont catch them humming it or whistling it later. If they are talking to you or trying to explain something in detail, try inserting random words or numbers in their mind to see if you can make them stutter or lose their train of thought. In a large crowd try focusing in on one person far from you that has their back turned and whisper in your mind to them hey!” and see how they turn around and stare dead at you. If you find yourself sitting outside with a friend on a calm and hot summer day. turn to them and ask “wouldnt a cool breeze be nice right about now?” when they agree sit back as a cool breeze blows over you both.

Some of the above has probably made you more confident in your abilities, this confidence adds much to your potential. Remember the barrier? That was just one way you can draw on the energies around you and manipulate it to any form or purpose you choose.

Hold your hands in front of you cupped together and visualize a tiny sphere of energy,feel its warmth. Think of a friend or family member who hasnt contacted you in some time. Breathe in deeply and focus on them calling you, and exhale as you focus the thought into the ball of energy between your hands. Continue this, inflating the sphere between your hands moving them further and further apart as it grows larger and larger as you charge it with your intent. Once it is the size of a basketball or so, take the time to move your hands across its surface. Feel it with your sense of touch,get a sense of what such dense magic energy feels like.

Once your done simply spread your arms out as if to toss it into the air and mentally tell it to go to the person it was meant for. You have just manifested a thought form and send it to someone else, if you charged it well you will probably be hearing from them soon. Thought forms carry out their intentions once separated from you, they are programmable extensions of yourself yet separate entities in their own right created from your life force.

With enough magic energy and intent you can create your own spiritual servitors in much the same manner, but attempting it is not recommended until you are sure of what you are doing. Magic Energy can be manipulated in almost any way you could imagine, in form and intent. I will leave the rest to your style and creativity in the practice of magic.

Meditation is something that you should definately not neglect. Taking time to immerse yourself in your own thoughts and communicate with your own mind will serve to help you progress in all matters including the ones concerning magic. In silence such as this you are also open to communication with entities that may have something to say to you. If you ever find yourself at a brick wall, meditation is where to turn.

So far, what Ive been describing are just the basics. And really one of many ways intentional or accidental one might start their path in the pursuit of Arcane knowledge concerning magic and witchcraft. The greatest results one could attain from the practice of magic and Witchcraft is through the structuring of very specific intentions with more complex magic spells and rituals. Magic Spells and Rituals are just another method of doing the same sort of things as I described above. The difference is that sometimes you may want to produce a result that is very specific and of greater impact than the simple methods of Magic above would yield.

For example lets say you want some specific project you are working on to be very successful. Such a specific intention seeking such a large result would most likely call for a magic spell or ritual. You can find already written magic spells and rituals easily. But magic spells you write yourself will always prove to be the most effective magic spells. If you plan on writing your own magic spells, get yourself a notebook or journal and let me give you some advice on the basics of writing your own magic Spells.

By now it would be safe to say you have probably established enough of your own perception on the subject to start reading books, picking through the worthless and considering the views of others as well as finding a few magic Spells that seem worthwhile.

Magic spells are all about manifesting your intent in the strongest way possible. Some magic spells call for a bit of ritual which is all about psychodrama. Manifesting your intent through magic spells often involves speaking the intent loud and clear, what better way to manifest it than to announce to the universe what your intent is in a physical manner. The ritual aspect helps speak it louder, being very structured and intentional by nature. Ritual often usually involves acting out of the ordinary which serves to strengthen your magical state of mind and at the moment makes you stand out like a bright light in a black ocean of the mundane. You want to grab the universes attention, but you will also get attention from spirits and entities hungry for such dense magic energy. This is why I will strongly recommend you create a magic barrier similar to what I described above before performing any of your own magic spells and Rituals.

Rituals and magic spells consist of basic principles. The announcement of the intent, the charging of energy to the intent and repetition or ritual of some sort. An example of a very simple magic spell is a little chant I am sure we all know “rain rain, go away. come again another day” The rhyme is the structure, the intent is clearly announced, but as it is used normally it lacks the charging of energy toward the intent to some degree. The singing itself does charge the intent somewhat, but entering a magical state of mind before singing it, and clapping in rhythm to the song with a large final clap at the end to release the magic spell would serve to make it more effective. And just as well dancing to the
song as you sing it would add the aspect of ritual to the magic spell to a small degree, and empower it further.

When writing your own magic spell, you should consider your intent. Write down a structured chant or song to be recited or repeated over and over. If you’d like to add ritual to your magic spell , construct and write down a series of gestures, tools to be used such as a dagger, special clothing you may wear, location etc, the key here being structure. The magic spell should begin with the chant or song announcing intent and calling on any particular spirit, god, demon, power, or magic energy if you prefer asking for help in the matter.

The ritual could take place during the chant or song, or directly afterwards. For example drawing magic symbols on the sand at a beach and repeating your intent each time a wave washes it away, or pointing a dagger in certain directions, arranging objects that symbolize the intent, burning a photo or anything you conceive. Then the magic spell should be wrapped up in a climax, a release of energy of some sort. This could be a loud scream, a puff of smoke, destruction of something, or even just a deep exhale. Performing magic Spells and Rituals alone will produce much better results, I prefer around 3:00 am in dark secluded places. But of course this is all left to personal preference.

Some systems of belief suggest that you add a safeguard to all of your spells by closing them with “an it harm none, so shall it be”, basically saying “this spell should only work if it does not harm anything to do so”. You may want to use this technique yourself. But my outlook on that is  if someone is not sure and confident enough with their own intentions and willing to face the consequences of realizing them, they should not be practicing magic anyway. Besides such insecurity would only serve to dilute the outcome of a magic Spell, if there was one at all. But of course, that is just my opinion and hopefully it harm none. But if it does, I wont be losing any sleep over it.I hope that I have helped you. I could have written more here, being more indepth. But I am careful not to try and tell anyone how they should perceive things like this. I only want to point a finger in what I feel is a good direction. But by no means is this the only way, what you stand to truly learn could never be learned from reading any book or article. All the real knowledge is only reachable within. Good luck in your pursuits.

Archetypes, Divinity and Man


Power Animals, Spirit Helpers, And Guides

Within many of the ancient systems of occult understanding and practice, the presence of unseen or disincarnate mentors, helpers, or allies was a generally accepted truth, and within some, it was considered essential to the practice itself. Throughout history, stories and superstitions contain a multitude of beings and entities that have had interchange with mortal man. These OtherWorld beings have been known by a variety of names and titles, including but by no means limited to; Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, angels, dragons, faeries, elves, sprites, gnomes, sylphs, undines, salamanders, Guardians, Watchers etc. Each member of one of these general groups listed above has shown very definite personality traits and predictable behavior patterns associated with their group.

This list does not include the spirits of our own deceased who once inhabited mortal bodies, who have returned disincarnate to aid man through the walk of mortality. Nor does the list include any of the wild, undomesticated animals, whose wild nature contained specific attributes and powers that could be tapped by mortal man to his betterment. It was believed that the power and allegiance of these beings could be won, negotiated or captured, depending on the tradition and teachings that you followed.

The question then becomes – who are these OtherWorld beings? What is the nature of the relationship between man and these beings? And how does Shamanism fit into the scheme of mortal man’s contact with the Divine and the OtherWorlds?

One of the most interesting and challenging aspects of relating to anyone who has had OtherWorld contact, through Near-Death-Experience, Altered States of Consciousness, Livid Dreaming or any other means, is determining exactly “who or what” was encountered. Most OtherWorld contact is extremely personal and unique. But there are some general patterns and rules that can be very helpful. Through the remainder of this page, we are going to cover both the general material, as well as my own individual experience with OtherWorld beings.


The term “Archetype” actually has two relevant meanings here. The first definition is “that which all other similar things are patterned after, the original model or prototype”. When we are referring to the archetypal Gods and Goddesses, we are referring to the original, inconceivable power or personage after whom every name, concept or image is but a human attempt to conceive or describe. In the case of the Goddess archetype, her attributes are frequently broken down into the Goddess triad of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The use of the triad makes it possible to divide the feminine archetype by the aspect and function of the feminine being discussed. All of the names and images of Goddesses, including Isis, Demeter, Artemis, Diana, Bast, Gaea, Rhea, Astarte,

Hermit Tarot card, represents an archetype

Hermit Tarot card, represents an archetype

Inanna, Ishtar, Kali, Hecate, and Tiamat, to mention a few, are but the names and corresponding aspects created by man so that he could better conceive and relate to the Archetypal Feminine, which is unknowable and undefinable.

This principle also relates to the male archetype with all of his vast array of positions and functions. In many of the ancient “Schools of the Mysteries”, these male archetype positions and functions were broken into four general categories, including the King, the Magician, the Lover, and the Warrior. The use of these titles per se comes primarily from the Grail Mysteries and Arthurian “legend”; however, careful examination of history clearly shows male status and function was cast into one of these four archetypal molds even anciently.

The second association with the term “archetype” comes from the work of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, and refers to “an instinctual pattern of behavior contained in the collective unconscious”. What this means is that the archetypal patterns which relate to the human experience are not unique to any one person or group. The archetypal patterns are contained in the “Human Collective Unconscious” (the human Universal Mind) and can be related to by everyone, either consciously or subconsciously, and have their expression in the group “Consensus Reality”. Or in other words, every individual within a particular culture, society, religious or political group or association will have the same or a very similar idea of what a particular name, concept or image means. Throughout the world, certain names instantly bring to mind a specific person, usually accompanied by some knowledge of their life and what act, event or concept makes them special to you, but on a larger scale, within a mass/group “Consensus Reality”. Probably one of the most common is the name “Jesus”. Jesus is a given name, “Christ” is an archetypal title denoting the “Sacrificed King”, which in this case is what makes Jesus, within a certain Group reality, very special. But this special designation is only maintained with a Mass/Group Consciousness, and is not universal to everyone.


Since, by the very definition of the Archetypal God and Goddess, they are unknowable and inconceivable to the human experience except by dissection and association, we as mortals must find ways to bridge the gap between us and Them. This brings us to a second term called “Egregore”.

An Egregore, by its simplest definition, is a being that exists between the Physical Plane of mortal existence and the Ultimate Plane of Archetypal existence, touching in both planes and acting as a conductor between man and the Divine. It is created by a combination of man projecting empowered thought forms into the ethers of the Eternal through ritual and worship (where they ripple until they touch upon the Divine), and the Archetype (the “Divine”) responding by sending an image, an aspect, a piece of Itself, if you will, back down through the ethers until it reaches man and an Egregore is created. The Egregore is the living thought-form (the being) between man and the Archetype.

Since it must be acceptable and conceivable to the mortal, it is only a shadow of the Archetype. But since it is endowed by a spark of the Divine, it is empowered with the aspects and powers that the Divine chooses to display. The Egregore becomes the “Manifest God or Goddess” of that individual or people. As man continues to empower the Egregore by consistent ritual and worship, the Egregore gains in strength and power. Through the continuation of this process, the knowledge, the power and the attributes which It can or will share may develop and grow accordingly. An Egregore is a powerful tool that allows man to access the Divine, and tap the higher knowledge, power and favors of the Divine.

Once man’s empowered thoughts (through prayer, ritual, etc.) have reached the attention of the “Divine”, and the “Divine” chooses to respond, the resulting Egregore will set the bounds of the relationship. The Egregore will direct the mortal(s), through communication or lack of response, in the terms, conditions, the person or persons the Egregore will directly communicate with, any sacred locations, symbols, tools, rituals, food/drink, and any expected homage or worship (if required).

There is a vast array of dimensions and realities that interface with the Physical Plane. Sometimes an Egregore is created by connection between man and an OtherWorld being of a much “closer” realm, such as the Astral Plane. When this happens, the “Spark of the Divine” is missing, with all its attendant Higher Knowledge, Power, Abilities and Higher Thought Processes. An Egregore created between man and a “Lesser Being” may not exhibit an independent morality or conscience.

Once an Egregore has been created, It takes on a life unto Itself. You may disempower an Egregore by failing to meet the Egregore’s “Terms Of Association”; however, this does not destroy an Egregore, it only breaks your connection to it. If at any time, someone once again meets the “Terms Of Association”, the Egregore will step forward and continue as before.

Spirit Guides and Helpers

To the Shaman, everything is exactly what it appears to be. He openly accepts the OtherWorld beings as he discovers them, in all their diversity, in their world, being and acting in their true nature. It is from this standpoint that the shaman begins to build his army of allies and helpers. For most of us, the OtherWorld will never be that simple. We will probably never go as deep or experience the OtherWorld as openly as the Shaman. Probably one of the most important lessons that I learned about the OtherWorld is that when we force the OtherWorld to meet us on our terms, in our world, they will appear to us in a form and manner consistent with our “illusion of reality”. The OtherWorld Beings that we experience may be deceased relatives, benevolent Spirits, previously incarnate humans, disincarnate Spiritual Masters, our own Higher Self or some other being which manifest within our “inner world”. They may appear in virtually any form they choose, from telepathic voice communication to full materialized apparition. They may come while you are awake, while you are asleep, or while you are in trance. Remember, the key to OtherWorld contact is a very open and fluid “illusion of reality”.

These OtherWorld beings who venture beyond their world to meet us in our world, according to our terms, vary tremendously in knowledge, power, and abilities. But one thing is for sure, if it is strong enough to manifest on the Physical Plane without your help (such as during a ritual, a seance or another activity through which a mortal or mortals open an inter-dimensional doorway between the worlds), it is deserving of your utmost concern and consideration. Spirits attach themselves to humans for a number of reasons, and for varying periods of time depending on the purpose of the attachment. He, She or It may be your “Guardian Angel” or “Lifetime Guide”. It may be an intermediate Teacher to help with some lesson or lessons. It may bring additional knowledge or power. It may assist you in some “supernatural” work you are engaged in, such as healing the critically ill. The possibilities are endless. Suffice it to say, It is here and It is here for a purpose. The High Level OtherWorld beings who transcend the veil are benevolent and interested in your best good. The Low Level (Lower Astral Beings) from “just across the border” so to speak, are generally more mischievous, but love human company. Just pay careful attention, like the trained Shaman, to who and what you align yourself with and make sure your association is mutually beneficial.

Power Animals

eclectic-decalsA Power Animal is generally defined as the essence or “spirit” of an animal, usually wild and undomesticated, that one has connected with and whose attributes can be called upon in time of need. In other words, a mortal person literally has the ability to call up from within themselves (from the Lower Self, where survival instincts reside) the living essence of that animal and, in all aspects except physical transformation, “becomes” that animal. The ability to literally change human form to animal form is called “Shape Shifting” and is a highly advanced form of Magick. The benefits of having a Power Animal, and being able to tap its knowledge, power, skills and endurance are quite obvious.

Laws of Human Interaction

While the desire to connect to the Divine seems to be human nature, it seems that it is equally important for the Divine to connect to the human in matters related to our physical reality. The archetypical Gods and Goddesses, as well as the other beings who have their existence in the OtherWorld, hereafter referred to as “the Divine”, are separated from mortal man by very thin layers, or veils, of energy, which separate the physical plane from the Unseen Planes of Existence. Our world and these OtherWorld dimensions and realities are separated only by the difference in the base frequency, or tone matrix, of the different worlds. Sometimes, the separation of the worlds can be extremely thin, such as during the time of year referred to as Samhain, Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve. The eternal beings within these other worlds, by choice or some eternal law, apparently must rely on mortal men and women to accomplish the desired ends of the Divine within the illusion of our physical reality. Religious records bear out this truth repeatedly. For example, the God of the Old Testament in biblical history made constant use of prophets and ministers to his chosen children to achieve his desired ends. The Gods need us as much as we need them. How a mortal human and the Divine becomes connected and the resulting relationship (the Egregore) seem to be controlled primarily by the human’s illusion of reality. (`mind over magick, mind over magick`)

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of the human factor in the connection between man and the Divine. It is universally true that those Beings who transcend the static barrier between the worlds in order to make human contact must make themselves available, acceptable and contactable within the human “Illusion of Reality” for there to actually be a working interface between man and Spirit. The Allegory of the Cave, and all of its encoded truths, makes this point perfectly clear.

Shamanism: Choice or Obligation?

Frequently in NEW AGE and METAPHYSICAL circles, I find what I tend to categorize as “Fluff and Light Magick”, working in the “Light” and having a “Spirit Guide” and being globally connected and politically correct. It’s the “IN THING”. The OtherWorld does not work like that. Every Being that makes human contact does so for a reason. Quite frequently, as I am about to explain, you may not have as much control as you believe or would even like.

When a man or a woman suddenly finds himself or herself outside the allegorical cave, the world of the Archetypal Gods and Goddesses becomes a world of living reality. The metaphors that shamans use to describe their journeys, their helpers or their experiences in the Otherworld are not there because the shaman sees his work in terms of metaphors, but the metaphor exists as the only tool that he can use to describe the indescribable. The liberated captive from the cave (see dancing shadows on the wall) becomes aware of these forces, powers, and beings outside the cave, just as forces, powers and beings, who seemingly cannot enter the cave, also become aware of that mortal human. That mortal human, chosen by virtue of his radically expanded consciousness, and whose life and desires are compatible with the needs and intent of the OtherWorld host, may now be subject to a “Divine Call”. The captive, having been irrevocably awakened and chosen as the benefactor of the “Divine Call”, faces a most difficult choice. Having received the “Divine Call” to become an intercessor between worlds, the OtherWorld host now waits for a reply from the mortal. Like heroes of ancient myth, the chosen mortal must make a choice: begin the long, arduous task of becoming a Master Shaman and a co-creator with the Universal Creative Forces, or procrastinate and/or deny the path and accept all the consequences that choice will bring. Again, as in ancient myth, the Gods and Goddesses are ever willing to protect and assist their champion, and just as willing to punish those who refuse their call. Since the call to shamanism is frequently initiated by serious, painful and/or prolonged suffering and illness (Shamanic Initiation), acceptance of the Shamanic Invitation is most frequently accompanied by sudden, often miraculous healing and transformation, such that the person who exists after the acceptance is distinctly different physically, mentally, and psychologically from the person he/she was previously. It is just as common that the person who is chosen and refuses the invitation dooms themselves to a continuation of their pain and suffering, and as often as not, their condition begins to radically worsen and the remainder of their lives are spent in misery and misfortune.

However, for those who accept the Divine Call, the promise of knowledge and power are all but assured. It has been my experience that the OtherWorld host becomes, as Mulhaleel says, “mentor, protector, guardian and guide”. The OtherWorld host may or may not immediately become the Master Teacher, depending primarily on the availability of an acceptable mortal mentor, but their guaranteed assistance/protection on both the physical and etheric planes and advanced training are assured.

So what does the OtherWorld host expect in return? Since the relationship of the shaman and his allies is by mutual consent, then it seems reasonable that the efforts of the Otherworld host in training and assisting the shaman are also mutually beneficial. You literally become the tool, the portal, the doorway, if you will, that the OtherWorld host has into our physical plane. For good or evil, the same power directed in different directions by the will and intent of the practitioner, the shaman becomes the ambassador between two worlds.

Remember, by virtue of your expanded consciousness, you became a target for a Divine Call. By willingness to become the OtherWorld’s benefactor, you received knowledge and power beyond all normal human capability. By acceptance and perfection of these “divine gifts”, you became the prodigy and tool of that OtherWorld host. For all intents and purposes, the shaman and the OtherWorld host become a single working entity with vast capabilities in both worlds.

Additionally, it has been my experience that once you become visible in the OtherWorld realms, and have accepted a “divine call”, you become visible to a vast number of beings and entities throughout a broad spectrum of the Otherworlds, and additional alliances and pacts are formed. There does not seem to be an end to the number of alliances or pacts that a single shaman may have, insomuch as all the alliances are mutually compatible. Futhermore, there are many possibilities that other Helpers and Guides will come and go for purposes of training, additional assistance or even a one-time, mutually beneficial work.

The possibilities and combinations for your own personal Allies, Guides and Companions are as endless as your magickal illusion allows, or as creative as the forces, powers, and beings of the OtherWorld can be in making themselves acceptable to your magickal illusion. Beings of the OtherWorld are not above altering their appearance to make themselves acceptable to you for the purpose of satisfying your limited spectrum of what would or would not be acceptable. Your conscious mind is an open book that can easily be read by gifted individuals right here on earth, and more easily by beings of the OtherWorld. Your OtherWorld host will frequently use things contained in your conscious mind to more easily associate teachings or material being conveyed. Anyone who advocates that the forces, powers and beings of the OtherWorld can not read the thoughts of one who is visible in their realm does not have the slightest clue of what they speak.

It is my firm belief that, as society and culture give way from the rigid, dogmatic, empirically-based systems of science and religion, and we become more willing to accept what we experience within a broader framework of reality, we will experience a vast opening of OtherWorld knowledge and power. If I have come to understand life in any context of reality, it is the need for balance. As one who walks daily in two worlds, I know that my experiences in one world are just as valid as my experiences in the other, and this has been borne out through countless experiences. However, I do not dismiss or negate empirical data or walk by blind faith. In all your magickal practices, maintain your balance.

Shamanism & The Shadow


The purpose of Shamanism is to integrate conflicting aspects of the human psyche with each other, and the whole with the Cosmic Psyche, and to develop the power and self-knowledge to enable the shaman to achieve results that are beyond the abilities of the undeveloped, un-self-aware psyche. Integrating conflicting aspects of the human psyche is the basis of all character development, and is essential to achieving balance and happiness. It releases and channels those potentially limitless psychic powers that are inherent in all of us.

The difference between a healer and a shaman is that a healer is a person who is able to use the forces of light to effect a cure in the body, mind, or spirit of another, without using the forces of the Shadow. Because of the nature of some illnesses, this method is not always effective, and a shaman must be sought for a cure. A shaman is a healer who has walked up to the Underworld gates of his/her own personal hell and then walked in. He/she has confronted and conquered his/her self-created demons, such as fear, insanity, loneliness, self-importance, and addictions, has unflinchingly confronted his/her own Shadow self as well as the evil of others, and can successfully deal with forces of darkness equally with those of light. A shaman can do exorcisms and can reverse hexes and the results of black arts that have been used on a patient, because by dealing with one’s own Shadow and coming to terms with that Shadow self, one gains peace of mind and balance, and the black arts have no control over that person, for his/her personal fears and inner demons have already been dealt with. Both the shaman and the healer can effect cures, but only the shaman is trained in dealing with any type of black arts that may have caused illness. For clarification, a shaman is not a sorcerer, one who is trained in and uses only the black arts to accomplish their purposes. Many people in today’s society are calling themselves shamans without any knowledge of exactly what this means. If the would-be shaman does not have the ability to look at his/her own shadow side, he/she will not be able to follow the path of the shaman. He/she would never be able to confront or handle the results and/or intentions of the black arts.

A shaman’s medicine colors are black and white because he/she walks the world of Light as well as Shadow – the polarity of man’s existence. Black and white also represents the balance a shaman seeks to maintain, both inside himself/herself as well as bringing that balance to his/her clients. It is well expressed in the Eastern concept of yin-yang.

Bat is the Mayan and Aztec symbol for rebirth, and the totem animal for shamanism. Bat hangs upside down in the cave, just as humans are nestled upside down in their mothers’ wombs. In leaving the womb or the cave, each is forced to look at light and shadow. Bat embraces the idea of the Shaman’s death. In ancient traditions, the would-be-shaman was sent to a certain location to dig his/her own grave, and then spent the night inside that grave, totally alone. The grave opening was supported by limbs, covered by a blanket, and then filled over with dirt and debris. Absolute darkness and total silence quickly cause the initiate to be confronted by his/her fears. The basic idea of the initiation was to break down all former notions of “self”, and to cause the initiate to face his/her inner fears and demons. When the initiate is released from the grave, the old persona and ways of life of the one “who was put in in the ground” truly are dead and buried. A “new” person emerges, reborn, with the right BY INITIATION to be called a shaman, and to heal. During my initiation, I spent three days and two nights totally isolated within the grave, and it truly is a terrifying experience.

In modern times, as with so many ancient rituals and initiations, the Shaman’s Death is considered by society as too severe and dangerous, and so the actual rite is seldom seen or heard of. But the right to be called a shaman is no less contingent on the notion of the death of the old “self” than it was in ancient times. One does not choose to walk the path of a shaman, the Spirits call a person to walk the path of a shaman, usually by a traumatic, life-altering experience. This experience may be sufficient to constitute an initiation; however, the psychiatric wards are full of uninitiated shamans, who had a traumatic experience and no one to guide them to understanding! The understanding unfolds as we work with the Shadow self. The Underworld is the arena. Because the shaman has walked through the Underworld of the Shadow and knows firsthand the pain involved in breaking the stranglehold of inner darkness, a true shaman always has compassion for the paths that others must walk.

shadowPsychology and The Shadow

In order to understand the Shadow, it is important to understand a little bit of psychology. Carl Jung, one of the fathers of current psychology, was actually a student of the occult. His teachings closely parallel the teachings of the Huna in Hawaii on the three selves, referred to in my writings as Anatomy of A Magical Human. His concept says that the aspects of the human psyche are named the Ego, The Shadow(everything in the psyche apart from the conscious Ego), the Anima (a man’s buried feminine side), The Animus (a woman’s buried masculine side), the Personal Unconscious, the Collective Unconscious, the Persona (the cloak around the Ego) , and the Self (The center and ultimate foundation of our psychic being). The greater part of the psyche is unconscious, out of the reach of our conscious Ego, but it strongly influences the Ego’s behavior without our realizing it. Unconscious is also connected to the collective conscious (an individual outcrop of it, so to speak) and it often knows better what our real needs are than the Ego does. The Ego, on the other hand, possesses gifts which the unconscious lacks – the ability to analyze and categorize incoming data, to think by logical steps, and to communicate with the Ego by the precise and subtle means of speech.

When communication between the Unconscious and the Ego is faulty, conflicts emerge, leading to all kinds of problems, such as tension, neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia, and nervous breakdowns. What is needed, obviously, is greatly improved communication between the conscious Ego and the Unconscious. The Ego must become aware of the fact that the Unconscious has messages for it, then the Ego must learn how to interpret those messages, which the unconscious can only express in symbols. The Unconscious is all too eager to communicate. Obviously, the whole content of the Unconscious can never be made directly available to the Ego, but a great deal of it can, enough to remove all major conflicts and to enrich significantly the Ego’s range of effectiveness, both by increasing the amount and variety of incoming data on which it can act, and by teaching it the lesson that it is not the only, or even the most important, function of the total psyche. The more the Ego learns this lesson, and acts on it, the closer it comes to activating the central self and handing over control to it. The work of the Shaman is to integrate conflicting aspects of the psyche with each other, and the whole of the Cosmic Psyche, and to develop the power and the self knowledge to enable the shaman to achieve results that are beyond the abilities of the undeveloped, un-self-aware psyche. Integrating conflicting aspects of the human psyche is the basis of all character development. It releases and channels those potentially limitless psychic powers which are inherent in all of us.

What Is The Shadow?

The Shadow is the entity created in our psyche when we attempt to separate good from evil. It is literally the embodiment of all the impulses and qualities we have thrust into the unconscious because the Ego finds them unacceptable. It is all that we are that we feel we should not be – sexual, angry, hostile, vulnerable, masochistic, self-hating, guilty, weak, etc. For men, showing compassion and emotion may be included, if these things are not acceptable to express in your family or culture. Social ideas, such as stereotypes about physical appearance, life roles of men and women, and sexual and racial prejudices reside here. Shadow also includes positive traits that you may have denied, such as power, justice, sexuality and creativity, as well as interest in and desire to practice shamanism, paganism, magick, etc. Anything you, your family, or society (consensus reality) deems as “forbidden” or “sinful” may be found in your Shadow Self. These things are not “evil”, they simply are not perceived as being “acceptable” – again by “consensus reality”. Each time we allow our thoughts to dwell upon strong, negative feelings, nosferatu10we add to the strength of our Shadow Self. In its mildest aspect, it is that part of us that we are uncomfortable accepting and hope that no one else sees. In its most radical aspect, it becomes Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde,where two totally separate aspects and personalities share a single biological body, each oblivious to the other, but each having their outlet into the physical realm.

Shadow Self has also been called the Guardian of the Threshold. It stands in the threshold gate between the Subconscious and the Ego, refusing us passage until we have looked it in the face and acknowledged our own essential humanness. Some of the Archetypes of Gods and Goddesses associated with the Underworld (Shadow Self) are Hel, Hecate, Hades, Janus (a really good example of the Guardian), Persephone, Rhea, Cronus, Isis, Anubis, and the Crone. This may not be a complete list of all Gods and Goddesses associated with the Underworld, but it should give you a start, if you are interested in further study.

No shaman can deny the existence of the Shadow self. This being is very much alive and active in the OtherWorld realms. The shaman will encounter the Shadow self and its sly opposition when journeying, especially if the journey is for soul retrieval, healing, or problem solving. The shaman cannot attack the Shadow with the idea of destroying it, but rather must recognize it as a vital, important part of himself/herself. By confronting the Shadow self, the shaman learns to work with it, channeling its energy into shamanic ritual. A shaman knows that both so-called positive and negative energy are required for balance. A healthy person is a balanced person. By separating good from evil, we set up a conflict within ourselves that presages a potentially destructive downfall. Let me clarify here. To make moral judgments, “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “evil”, based on consensus reality within any social structure is absolutely necessary to maintain law and order. But when we internalize that judgment and reinforce it with strong negative emotion aimed at ourselves, the Shadow grows and becomes more difficult to maintain. Remember the Wiccan adage: “To light a candle is to cast a shadow”. Any time a polarity is over-lived, without having been balanced by its counterpart, an eruption of the counterpart can be expected. A “boogey man” is created that begins to haunt us and make us fearful. Remember the old movie-line, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!!!” It knows the deepest, darkest, ugliest secrets of your very existence. The more we separate ourselves from it, the more this “boogey man” grows in darkness, size and power. No fear is stronger than the fear of our own Shadow, and nothing is more destructive than the defenses we adopt to avoid confrontation.

Ways That We Avoid Confrontation With the Shadow

There are many ways that we use to run from the Shadow, and there are many benefits that we get from doing so. Or so we think. As I was told by one of my disincarnate mentors, “Avoidance never was empowerment. Avoidance never leads to evolution.” Avoidance is like Flu medication, it masks or curtails the symptoms, but when the medication wears off, we are well aware that the illness still exists. True self-empowerment comes from overcoming the problem, not just avoiding it. What we are really doing is denying ourselves the opportunities for growth we might otherwise have had, for Shadow is a TREMENDOUS teacher. When we confront the Shadow, we are forced to face ourselves, and learn about ourselves. In the Native American teachings, this is “Coyote Medicine”. The Shadow Self is like a coyote. It lurks in the shadows and does its mischief. If it knows that it is glimpsed, for even a second, it slinks away. Coyote ALWAYS teaches you something about yourself, though you may or may not like the lesson. If you listen, the lessons may come easier, but if you turn your back and try to run, Coyote will dog your trail and bite you in the butt!

Here are six major ways that people run from the Shadow, what they get out of running from it, and the backlash that may hit them.

1. Some people deny it and never approach the confrontation at all. They think that if they don’t look at Shadow, it doesn’t exist. A false sense of strength is produced. They immerse themselves in hard work, good deeds, and charity – anything to keep themselves so busy they cannot see the Shadow. They become fanatical, living saintly lives driven by their fear. People see all the good they are producing and think that they are wonderful people, and would never believe anything bad about them. But this is a time bomb, just waiting to go off. Sooner or later, Shadow will come forth, to one degree or another. This is a classic example of wonderful people doing the sudden, unexpected, and tragic.

2. Some people try to destroy the Shadow through drugs and alcohol. Forgetfulness is the motivation for this strategy. They think that by “checking out”, they can escape. But every time they come back, Shadow is waiting for them, and they must quickly escape again. The price they pay is the destruction of their lives and those around them whom they love. They lose their family, friends, jobs, security – the Shadow grows.

3. Claiming to be “enlightened” and to have “gone beyond” these things is a strategy favored by many “spiritual” people. They may live lives of asceticism and celibacy, claiming to no longer have shadow qualities, such as sexuality, anger, passion, desire, and self-interest. This is known as the “Savior” complex. Priests, ministers, gurus, and “enlightened masters” who adopt a posture of transcendent superiority have a great appeal to people with similar defense systems, who are able to escape their personal confrontations by identifying as members of an elite, “enlightened” group. Thus are cults born and perpetuated. Many religions fall under this category. This strategy produces a false sense of self-righteousness. But deep down inside, they are always afraid that someone will expose them, causing them to fall off their pedestal.

4. Some people become “superhuman”, driving themselves to feats of self-sacrifice and accomplishment to “atone” for the Shadow Self, sometimes even to the point of masochism. They may have an air of superiority about them, but deep down inside, they are always afraid that someone will find out their weaknesses. They are not as strong as they want to be or try to be, and could crumble at any moment, either physically, mentally, or spiritually. This a classic problem among teenagers under tremendous pressure at home.

5. Some will admit Shadow Self, confessing it as a weakness or illness. “That’s just the way I am, and I am powerless to change or control it. I am doing the best I can. I am trying, really.” Sympathy and freedom are what they get out of this strategy – others won’t blame them when things go wrong. They “know it is their fault, and they really are trying, but they just can’t quite measure up – everyone just has to be patient with them.” And so the misbehavior continues. Conversely, by claiming that it is their fault, they don’t have to fix it because it diffuses the confrontation. The backlash is that they are too weak to overcome anything, and they suffer terribly from guilt, to the point of developing psychoses and needing counseling to deal with life.

6. Some will use projection – assigning these Shadow qualities to some other person or group (as in “the Devil” made me do it.) A spouse or co-worker may accuse you of being out of control or hard to work with, when everyone can see that it is actually them that is out of control or hard to get along with. Always be aware of the mirror. In every situation, are you mirroring for the other person or is the other person mirroring for you? Whose Shadow Self is showing here? The copout people use is that it is someone else’s fault- they did it to you. If they would just stop what they are doing, everything would be fine. You are not responsible, and cannot help what happened. The backlash is loss of relationships important to you. You are always mad at someone, and you may develop paranoia.

We’ve talked about the Shadow Self, including what it is, how its created, how it expands and becomes empowered, and ways we try to avoid dealing with it. This is classic human nature. We all have a Shadow Side. But how do we deal with our Shadow Self? And what difference does it make?

There are several steps we can take to gain control of Shadow Self and our lives.

1)Become aware of when Shadow is around. By becoming aware of when you are being sideswiped by Shadow, you begin to see Shadow’s effects in your life. The Shadow becomes more visible.

2)Name the Shadow. Come up with a cute short name for the specific behavior of each Shadow that haunts you, such as Mr. Mischief, the Judge, Sleazy Sue, or whatever is appropriate. This helps you to be more aware of how you feel or act when this Shadow figure is around.

3)Own your Shadow. Ask yourself how you contributed to this situation occuring. Remember you are the Creator in your life, not the victim! Own your own emotions and actions.

4)Resist the temptation, once you become aware of Shadow and its effects in your life, of pointing out other people’s shadows to them, or trying to “fix” their lives for them. This is a very personal issue, and not one someone else can help with.

The difference it makes is how much control you actually have over your life, and how much awareness you have of your reality. When you begin to be aware of these things, you soon realize that reality truly is an illusion, one that can be changed by each of us at will, according to our needs. When we change our realities individually, one at a time, to enable us to evolve and grow, we affect the illusion of consensus reality around us, subtle at first, but the compound effect can bring about a quantum leap in evolution for mankind.

Unlike the modern man, shamans are trained in societies and cultures that have for centuries followed animistic traditions. Animism is a world of duality, where all things have an existence which is physical and material, and an existence which is immaterial and supernatural. In the shaman’s world, the psyche, including the Shadow Self, are separate living, breathing entities, like the Selves of Huna, that must be met, understood and integrated like any other “helper”. To accomplish this, the would-be shaman is subjected to extremely traumatic rituals designed to force the confrontation between conflicting aspects of the psyche. The unsuccessful attempt at integration by forced confrontation can easily leave the individual in the grasp of insanity. Those who succeed are shaped into beings of incredible stamina, wisdom and power. They have walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and have earned the right to take up residence there.

Consensus Reality And Akashic Records


The Evolution And Function Of Collective Consciousness

Whether we examine evolution from a religious, scientific, mythologic or a metaphysical approach, we are still confronted with the same problem. We are usually left with more questions than verifiable answers. This lack of solid, empirical data leads the average person to the unfortunate position of accepting “creation” and the human soul’s evolution on faith according to some hypothesis or conjecture. Even answers that come from “voices” beyond our physical plane, such as “channeled” information or sacred text, seem unwilling to put our endless questions to rest. I freely admit that the information I am about to share with you contains some of the same flaws that my predecessors faced, the most obvious being the origin of “God”, if you will. But I hope that the contents of this page gives you reason for reflection and some new ideas.

“Creation” and evolution are an ongoing process based on two totally interdependent processes, Collective Consciousness and Consensus Reality. Contained within these first two principles is a third aspect which we can identify under the term Akashic Records.

Let me begin by attempting to give you an over-view of the evolution of consciousness and the eternal progression of man as I have been given to understand it, and then I will go into greater detail. First, in order for any collective consciousness to exist, there must first be thinking, acting, conscious beings.

Second, the thoughts and actions of these thinking, acting, conscious beings must magnetize and imprint the individual matrix or fingerprint of each thought and act on a subtle substance of etheric matter called “akasha”. The more highly emotionally charged the thoughts or actions are, the deeper the impression on the Akasha.

Third, the greater the collective number of conscious beings thinking or acting in concert with one another according to a clearly defined consensus reality, the even deeper the imprint on the subtle matter of the Akasha. Every individual imprint recorded within the Akasha is maintained within a universal filing system called the Akashic Records.

Fourth, the collective consciousness, at some point, by virtue of the constantly expanding data base, takes on a consciousness of its own, and becomes greater than the sum total of all its individual parts. Or in other words, it begins an evolutionary cycle all its own, within which the thoughts and actions of its individual members are recorded, processed and filed. It is to and from this greater collective consciousness that the souls of its individual members transit at death, and it from this greater collective consciousness that individual aspects “spark off” into individual self aware identities and begin their journey through the cycles of life and death, making their contributions to the greater whole and its evolution.

Fifth, that advanced beings, “Gods”, do in fact select, nurture, and harvest small but exceptionally strong collective conscious fragments as seed stock in the process of creating new worlds. Take, for example, the Biblical City of Enoch. The consensus reality of the people, under the direction of the prophet Enoch, became so aligned that the scriptures tell us the people literally became of one heart and one mind. The scriptures go on to say that the people became so “righteous”, or harmonized, in their consensus reality, that the city, in its entirety, was caught up into “heaven”. The City of Enoch is a classical example of a consensus reality under advanced guidance becoming so complete that a powerful collective conscious fragment evolved. The collective consciousness of the City of Enoch was small, but very powerful, and thus capable of existence away from and outside of its host collective consciousness. Thus, it was transplanted elsewhere to begin anew.

Sixth, the cycle begins again.

Let’s look at this in greater detail. We begin with the premise that we, as individual living conscious beings, are part of a greater collective. This greater collective is muti-faceted. For instance, we are members of the human collective, we are members of a genetic, family collective, we are members of a cultural collective, a national collective, and so on. However, each of these collective aspects also represents an individual consensus reality, a deeply held set of beliefs that, within reasonable tolerance, dictate the thoughts, words and actions of its members. To this end, we can clearly see the direct connection between consensus reality and collective conscious. It is easy to see how consensus reality guides and directs the thoughts, words and actions of its members, whose thoughts, words and acts are recorded, processed and filed in the Akashic Records, which contains the data for the collective conscious, which evolves with the addition of all new imprinted data, which becomes the source of ever higher levels of insight and evolution within the consensus reality of the initial group. Thus we see very clearly, that what at first appears to be a cycle come full circle, is actually an ever ascending spiral. When we believe that we have come full circle, we find that we are not at our point of origin at all, but at a new beginning one level higher.

This concept seems all very clear and understandable, except it still leaves me with the same initial problem plagueing other theories as well. What was the source of the first thinking, acting beings? Even if we account for the initial population of a new world by Interplanetary Transplantation of Seed Stock, it only solves the problem to a point. We are still left to ponder the origin of the very first thinking acting beings. I am told that information is beyond the scope of my sources, and irrelevant to the continuing process as it now exists. The system works and that’s all that matters. The present system is self-perpetuating and eternal, and our focus should most appropriately be on what now is and how that relates to us individually as well as collectively.

society_of_the_spectacleI am the “me” within the collective conscious of the “we”. The collective conscious is exactly as it states. Collective is defined as “assembled or accumulated into a whole”. Consciousness is defined as “having an awareness of one’s own existence or identity”. Therefore, a collective conscious is an accumulation of self-aware existences. What are they aware of? Their individual identities. The collective consciousness is the sum total of all the knowledge, experience and power of its individual members. The collective conscious cannot exist without the thinking, acting, conscious members anymore than a congress, the senate or parliament can exist without the presence of its representatives. You, individually, are an important factor in the collective conscious. Your lives, your experience, your knowledge, your power contribute to the development and evolution of our collective conscious. Every life that you have lived, every experience that you have had, every bit of knowledge and power you have gained is individually recorded, processed and filed for the good of the whole. This holds true for every spark of the whole that has taken individual identity and continued on in the eternal quest for greater light and knowledge.

We talked earlier about the number of consensus realities that we as individuals may be part of. That list may include the human reality, the cultural reality, the national reality and even the family consensus reality. What effect does an individual’s participation in any of these sub-groups of consensus realities have in realation to the collective whole? We actually exist within many collective conscious, all within a greater collective conscious. These sub-groups within the collective whole are often referred to as “soul groups”. A soul group is an association of souls existing within an established sub-group of the collective conscious whose consensus reality is so aligned that they continue their ties lifetime after lifetime. In some cases, souls evolving along a rapidly evolving consensus reality may actually take turns moving in and out of mortality along a very specific genetic lineage, passing advanced knowledge and abilities to their progeny, creating a lineage of prodigy. Remember from our earlier discussion, these sub-groups of tightly aligned beings, known as a soul group, may be used by the “Creators” to split away from the original collective conscious and form the nucleus of a new collective conscious.

We have now covered the collective conscious, consensus reality and the direct relationship between the two. But what about the Akashic Records? Without the Akashic Records, collective consciousness would be impossible. No evolution would be possible because there would be no data bank to receive, process and file incoming information. Without this ability, all experience would be useless because it would be immediately lost upon termination of the physical existence. All experience would, of necessity, be reocurring and static. Consensus reality would be meaningless because without the ability to “hear”, the voices of many are no louder than the voice of the one. The magnitude of the imprint of consensus reality is entirely dependent upon the existence of the Akashic Records, and its ability to “hear”, process and record the voices of human experience. The Akashic Records are a vital aspect of the relationship between consensus reality and the collective conscious.

Most people, when asked, profess to believe that upon the death of our mortal, physical body, the self-aware, thinking, acting, conscious self separates away from the body. We also know from the “Near Death Experiences” of others, as well as information received through mediums in contact with the worlds beyond, that upon this separation, each individual experiences the OtherWorld according to their strongly held beliefs. This would tend to indicate that at least the initial phases of the post-death experience are still strongly tied to our illusion of reality. In fact, strongly held personal beliefs, as well as one’s association with a particular consensus reality, does have the ability to shape the fabric of reality, both in this world as well as the worlds to come. It has been my experience, as a trance medium, working with the families of a deceased loved one, that as continued contact with the deceased continues over a prolonged time, the deceased frequently expresses a separation from the emotion and memories of this lifetime and expresses a moving forward toward some new goal. I believe that this process of forgetting the recently past life is critical. As the deceased is re-initiated back into the collective conscious, the strong ties which might keep the soul trapped within the emotional memories of a particular lifetime fall away. The individual is then free to gain the benefit of all of his/her life’s experiences, but without emotional attachment. It becomes pure knowledge. This “moving forward” so often spoken of would also lead me to believe that as the soul is re-introduced into the collective consciousness and assimilates the “pure knowledge” available there, they also begin moving toward their next objective, reincarnation or assimilation into a higher collective conscious. It is highly likely that any strongly held belief within your illusion of reality or any strong association with a particular consensus reality seems to lock you into a pattern of relationships with other souls, your soul group, and quite possibly the available options for the next step of your eternal journey.

Another interesting aspect of the NDE, and post-death experience as related through mediums, is that upon death, almost universally, we are greeted at the gates of the beyond by our deceased loved ones and close friends. Of those who have reported being met by loved ones, some very interesting irregularities exist. Many reported their loved ones exactly as they remembered them just prior to the loved one’s death, while others reported their loved one’s appearing in their prime. In the case of deceased children, many appear at the age of their death, while others appear in an adult form. This is also clearly evident in the case of post-death religious experience. Christians relate post -death experiences uniquely Christian. This religious experience is universally true of all religious association worldwide, according to available reports. We experience life and, at least initially, death according to our strongly held beliefs and expectations. The irregularities stated above would indicate that the fabric of reality in mortality and initially in death is illusionary and highly sensitive to consensus reality. The collective conscious, responding to the deeply held beliefs of its members, apparently has the ability to alter the fabric of reality in compliance to those beliefs. Which brings us back to Magick.

On the subject of being met by loved ones on the “otherside”, could this simply be a welcoming back into the collective conscious, much as a welcome home for someone who has been gone awhile? It definitely fits the pattern of soul group association on either side of the mortal plane.

The Nature of Black and White Magic


Black & White Magic: Its All In The Intent

By Ronald S. Eppich

Let me begin with the premise that all magickal operation is identical. The energy used in ” Black Magick” is the exact same energy used in ” White Magic”. It is not the kind of energy or the source of the energy used that separates one form of magick from another, but rather, it is the intent (the specified outcome) of the magick as programmed by the practitioner that determines the black or white aspect of the magick. Remember the Five Steps of Universal Magick we discussed in Shamanism and Universal Magic? These five steps include; desire, intent, alignment, ritual and expectation. Intent is the steering wheel of the magickal operation. It is the the aspect of the magickal operation that actually “programs” or dictates how the expected outcome of the magick will come into manifestation, exactly what the magick is to do, the manner in which it will be accomplished (if required), and what is to transpire at the completion of the magick (how the energy used in the magick will be dissipated at the conclusion of the work).

So, lets look at the difference between “Black” and “White” magick. In this world, I was told by my disincarnate mentors, there are Two Great Laws of Interaction. These Two Great Laws constitute the basis by which we can easily discern “Black Magic” from “White Magick”, and the corresponding creation of “karma” (the eternal negative consequences of our mortal behavior) when eternal laws are broken. The Two Great Laws state:

1. You shall not deliberately, maliciously, with forethought and intent, injure another on any level or plane of mortal association – mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This law also includes murder.

2. You shall not deliberately, maliciously, with forethought and intent, deprive another of their “free agency” (the right and ability to make decisions relating to the path and destiny of one’s life).

Although you may at times do things which inadvertently violate one of these laws, the lack of deliberation, malice, and intent negates the karmic aspect. In the case of inadvertent violations, this is called “experience”. We are all here to experience life and its associated trials and difficulties, most of which we either bring upon ourselves or someone creates for us. That’s just part of life, and neccessary to our growth and evolution. Only when the specified conditions of deliberate, malicious intent with forethought stated in the Two Great Laws is violated have we crossed the line, and eternal consequences and retribution are mandated. There are, of course, always natural consequences to the decisions that we make. That again is part of our mortal learning process, but natural consequences do not have eternal ramifications. Natural consequences are contained within this mortal experience and are here to teach us the lessons inherent in mortality. When we pass beyond the bounds of this lifetime, we take the knowledge and wisdom of our expereinces with us, and hopefully, leave the highly charged emotional aspects of the experience behind. It is, however, this highly charged emotional aspect of the experience that imprints the experience within our memory and makes it a lasting part of our life.

Using the Two Great Laws as our guide, can we say that “White Magic” is any magickal operation that does not violate either of the Two Great Laws and that “Black Magic” is any magickal operation that does violate either of the Two Great Laws? Simply put, yes. However, let’s look at this further.

In Central and South America, there are three broad categories of sorcerers. These three broad categories broken down into their individual components may make our study much easier. The first category is called “curandera” or “curandero”, depending on the gender, and means “curer” (healer). This is an individual trained in healing and other magickal operations frequently referred to as “white magick”.

The second category is that of “bruja” or “brujo”. This is someone known to practice the “black arts”, or what is perceived as the negative use of magick. This sorcerer is usually widely known and feared. He/she specializes in death, disease and misfortune. In some areas of the world, and within certain cultures, this practice can be very widespread.

The final category is that of “shaman”. A shaman is essentially a bridge between the “currandera” and the “bruja”. The shaman is equally versed in the white and black arts, and understands that the basis of all magickal operation is identical. It is the practitioner that determines the course and outcome of his/her work. The shaman knows that greatest source of available power for magickal operation resides in the dark side of human nature. Like the “bruja”, the shaman has walked the deep, dark depths of his/her soul and has confronted his/her own demons. His/her reality has been systematically destroyed and rebuilt upon an entirely different foundation. The shaman knows that balance is the key to power and magick, and that balance requires that the shaman be able to walk equally as far into the darkness as into the light. The shaman, unlike the curandera or the bruja, is willing to cross the line between black and white, at will, without reservation or hestiation to keep the balance. Like the “Heyoka” of Oglala (what most non-Native Americans refer to as the Sioux Indians) tradition, the shaman is the sliding balance of power on the scale of Light and Dark.

Case Study

Many years ago I had a “VooDoo” doll brought to me to be destroyed. The doll was found in a drawer buried under a pile of towels in the beauty parlor of a young woman recently and suddenly deceased. The relatives, unaware of the nature of the doll, thought it was strangely unique and grotesquely fascinating, and took it home, where it found its new home on the nightstand next to the master bed. As the story was related to me, over the next several months, the husband suffered a heart attack, the family was involved in multiple automobile accidents, and the general atmosphere of the home and the

Voodoo Doll

A Voodoo Doll on exhibit at the Louvre.

owners’ lives had taken a very dark and dismal turn. The couple finally traced the origin of their disasters back to about the time the doll was brought home. The doll was then passed to another relative with equally dismal results. And so it went until it was finally brought to me to be disempowered and destroyed.

This may be a classic case of “black magick”, in that it may constitute the misuse of negative magickal power, or there may be circumstances in the lives of the victims and the perpetrator of which we are unaware. Either way, it will serve as an excellent case study for our purposes. Two things are very apparent about the creator of this doll. The first is that whoever created and empowered this doll was ready, willing and able to do so with deadly precision. The second is that the Creator of this doll either intended to hurt as many people as possible, perhaps as an act of terrorism, or this was very sloppy workmanship in the doll’s programming, because at the conclusion of its mission, presumably to kill the beauty salon owner, the doll was not programmed to realize its work was accomplished and dissipate the energy. It continued to exercise its program on anyone who unwittingly came into its presence. No Master Sorcerer would leave such a blatant error. This was either a deliberate act of uncontained terrorism or the work of a proficient but sloppy sorcerer. Magick is an art. Like the great masters of any field, every Master Socerer has an identifiable signature on his work. Meticulous workmanship is the hallmark of a Master, and his signature commands respect. One does not have to be a Master Sorcerer to practice magick, however, anyone who does must be prepared for the consequences of their creations.

So, is every use of magick to produce death, disease, or misfortune an act of “Black Magick”? Absolutely not! In our society, is every homocide a murder? Absolutely not! One of the prime functions of the negative use of magick in primitive settings was the use of death, disease and misfortune directed against hostile neighbors and invaders as an accepted means of self-defense. Does the use of negative magick for self defense purposes appear to violate the Two Great Laws? Yes, there is malice, forethought and intent to kill, injure or otherwise incapacitate another. Malice is defined as the desire to harm another. Forethought is defined as “deliberate, with planning before hand”. And intent is defined as the aim or the goal of one’s actions. However, this is where the difference lies. When someone comes against us, as the aggressor, with intent to harm, kill, or take away our free agency, they have broken the Law and we have every right to use any means at or disposal, including magick, to defend ourselves and all that is within the bounds of our stewardship, as long as we are not the agressors. Therefore, we can now see that the use of lethal magick does not neccessarily constitute “black magic”.

By process of elimination, we can now define “black magic” as the unprovoked, aggressive use of negative magick. Negative magick can be defined as any act of magick that violates one or both of the Two Great Laws, the result of which will incur karmic debt. I believe this to be the best definition of “black magick” that I am aware of, taking into consideration all the possible complexities and ramifications. So why would anyone want to practice black magick? As a universal aspect of human nature, greed and power seem to rule the list of mortal weaknesses. The strong dominate the weak, bringing them into physical or psychological bondage, forcing their alliegance and cooperation to whatever end is desired. To accomplish this, there does not seem to be any greater instrument of bondage than the fear generated from the use or apparent use of the supernatural, and thus, magick. One of the most powerful lessons I learned in my studies with Medicine people among Native Americans is that it does not matter what reality may truly be. If the people believe it is real or they can be convinced that it is real, it is real. Again, our individual illusion of reality prevails. So, to the medicine people, sorcerers, shamans and witches of the world, illusion is everything. This is not to negate what they truly are capable of.

Many of you will remember the highly successful psychic surgeon in the Phillipines, who, when subjected to Western scrutiny, was found to be using chicken fat and raw meat in place of human malignant tumors. But to his patients, convinced of his skill and supernatural ability, this surgeon had a successful recovery rate second to none. Why? Because he successfully altered his patients’ illusion of reality about their medical condition so completely that the fabric of reality was altered in conformity to the patients’ belief. Let me repeat that one more time; He successfully altered his patients’ illusion of reality about their medical condition so completely that the fabric of reality was altered in conformity to the patients’ belief. Believe it or not, there it is. Your illusion of reality is your reality, and your illusion of reality, when coupled with consistent belief and strong emotion, can alter the fabric of reality. How did we originally define magick? The ability of a mortal human to alter the fabric of reality in conformity with and in proportion to will and intent. I had a great deal to learn on the reservation when, like BBC Documentary Team, I failed to truly grasp the power of a person’s belief system to change reality. Fortunately for me, I stayed on the reservations longer and came away wiser than most. Maybe the BBC should instead try a documentary on why chicken fat and raw meat is such an inexpensive and effective cure for malignant tumors!

Thought Forms, Poppets and Brainwashing

Now that we have finally defined “black magic”, how does it work?

Method Number One: Some forms of black magic are nothing more than an effective form of brainwashing. For instance, I, being the powerful sorcerer, instill within your illusion of reality that, should you ever disobey my rules, you will immediately be struck blind. If I, like the psychic surgeon, can create such a total belief, and you knowing break one of my rules, the mental and psychological stress of that knowledge can and will produce the desired effect. However, it is your reaction to my suggestion that caused the blindness, not any direct action on my part. This is the power of the voodoo death curse – whether someone has actually had the death chant sung on them, or whether a person just believes it is so, the end result is usually the same.

Method Number Two: This method actually requires the sorcerer to perform magick and is usually used in situations where insufficient time or contact prevents brainwashing. This method requires the creation of a manifest thought form. In other words, the sorcerer stirs himself/herself into a frenzy of anger and hatred, then focuses that power into the creation of an etheric being of the same nature. Once the manifest thought form takes shape, it is programmed with the exact specifications of the magickal operation. This includes who to strike, how to strike, what to strike with, and at the completion of the magickal operation, the manner in which the manifest thought form will be returned to its former state. In my experience, the programming is primarily accomplished through emotionally charged visualization. Once all the preparations are complete, and only then, the manifest thought form is sent on its way. It is at this point that a master sorcerer will initiate additional magickal work to protect himself/herself from the possibility that the entity might somehow be returned to its creator to execute its malicious task there. When every possibility and contingency have been accounted for and covered, the sorcerer bides his time, possibly continuing to fuel the fire as required.

Method Number Three: This is basically the same as Method Number Two, except that the manifest thought form is projected into a physical object, any physical object. In the case of our earlier study, the physical object is a grotesque doll, most probably a doll whose image is used each time this individual’s magic is performed, such that, this doll is the “business card” of this sorcerer. The next step in this process is to plant this physical object inconspicuosly in the immediate presence of the victim. This aspect of physical presence in the victim’s immediate proximity is based on the belief that the physical object can more effectively hold and retain the focus of the power right under the victim’s nose, all the while, executing its program.

The individual who practices “black magick”, bringing pain and misfortune to others, is every bit as cold, calculating and eminently capable as any “hitman”. These individuals are feared and respected where-ever they work, for very good reason. The use or threat of black magic against you or anyone you know is not a threat to be taken lightly. But these individuals are not infallible or immune to their own magick. I am personally aware of one individual who became the victim of his own evil deeds. Should you ever believe yourself or another to be the intended victim of black magic, history has shown that your disbelief in their “religion”, “black magic” or the sorcerer’s individual capabilities will not shield you from the intended effects. History has also shown that your particular religious association, beliefs, or faithfulness will not protect you.
These misconceptions actually add to the effectiveness of the sorcerers work. By virtue of your false sense of immunity, and the elapsed time it takes to realize your error, the effects may already be working. Black magick is very much like cancer. If you contracted cancer, disbelief in the cancer will not save your life, neither will your religious associations, beliefs, or faithfulness. It has been my experience that the actual victims of black magick usually have some knowledge that a potentially hostile situation exists, that the opposition may escalate the confrontation, and that by tradition or deperation they may resort to unorthadox measures. Awareness is the key to survival in this life. Awareness is the key to dealing with black magic. You must arm yourself with all the knowledge possible and seek immediate expert assistance. Like cancer, time and expert help are critical. People just don’t want to believe or accept that they have cancer, so frequently by the time they take action, it is too late.

I have personally been the intended victim of black magic, on at least one occasion by a very capable medicine man. I do not personally practice black magic, although, I will not hesitate to meet force with force. I have, however, been called upon many times over the ten years to assist others who have become the target of etheric terrorism and black magic. I sincerely hope that the information presented here was both understandable as well as useful.

This article does not necessarily express the views of Smokey Mirror.