Magic or ‘magick’ as it is sometimes called, is about art and science, philosophies, and state of mind. Either a lifelong passion and pursuit, or a shortlived curiousity to most. Some question its reality or deny it altogether, others live by it and see it everyday, some want to believe and seek answers from books,mentors and religions who are all too happy to provide the answers to all their questions. The true answers however lie within,and within is where to look first. All the books, all the religious teachings and clear cut magic spells and rituals should only serve as tools or someones attempt at helping to guide others to find the answers within themselves.

It seems so commonplace, someone takes an interest in magic, Witchcraft, the Occult and the Mystical only to end up turned off or discouraged by religions like Wicca that claim to be the answer. And as a result many people are left unable to differentiate the practice of magic or Witchcraft from religious beliefs and practices, which is totally separate from the practice of magic or Witchcraft itself. Not that I have anything against someone practicing any religion they choose, I just want to make it clear that these are two very separate subjects.

With all that being said, what this article does touch on is how someone interested in studying magic and witchcraft’s basic principles and methods should begin. Just a basic outline of ways to find and develop your abilities. These are general methods that will work for you with time and perseverance, but as I mentioned above the real revelations will come from within yourself.

The first thing I would like to suggest, is refrain from hitting up the local bookstore just yet. At such an early stage in the development of your magical abilities and state of mind 90% of the books you find will only serve to implant belief systems and thwart your personal development. Before you start soaking in other peoples takes on magic and witchcraft you need to develop your own foundation and feel for how you tune in to magic energies.

You should take a moment to sit back and think to yourself, do you really believe in magic? Having made it this far, I am willing to bet the answer is yes to some extent. Take the time to reflect on what magic means to you, how do you define it to yourself? It really is such a broad term. In a sense magic is everywhere, the fact we exist is magic. The way things sometimes seem to fall into place perfectly at just the right moment. The magic connection every living and non living thing shares to each other and the universe as a whole. Everything uses magic to some degree whether or not it realizes it. The difference between the magician and the mundane is the mundane uses magic subconsciously involuntarily and never realizes it, the Magician realizes it and has focused the ability to the point he can call on magic voluntarily and in much more profound ways.

Start training yourself to look for synchronicities and abandon the notion of coincidence. Pay attention to the smallest details. Train your mind not to block out the small noises it processes as just background static. Pay attention to the things in the corner of your eye you may usually dismiss, learn to see the peripheral. Listen for thoughts of your own mind and those that are not. These things alone will go far in
developing your magic abilities, but no reason to stop there.

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Once you have trained yourself to do this to some extent, and you will know when you have. Remember the magic state of mind you put yourself in, it shouldn’t be hard as its much like riding a bicycle. Practice going into this state of mind at will, on a moments notice. It should be much like shifting the gears of a car. In this mental state, you are still aware but less anchored to the physical plane. You are seeing the things around you with different eyes. This will be the state of mind you enter when you are ready to exercise your magic abilities and later casting your own magic Spells.

Now enter your magic state of mind and close your eyes, begin visualizing your surroundings. See yourself sitting in the room or area you are in, visualize it as vividly as you can. Now you are going to create a magic barrier or shell around yourself to protect yourself. Not only from harm in general, but from spirits, sentient energies, and other scavengers of sorts that may be attracted by the energies your building up. This barrier will also serve as a shield against magic and psychic attacks by other people, and give you a bit of privacy. You may charge this magic barrier to protect you against anything you specify as well. To begin building the magic barrier around yourself after having already visualized
yourself in the room. Begin visualizing a small magic sphere in the center of your chest, visualize it as it pleases you. Any color,texture or even shape that you feel suits you best. Inhale deeply and visualize the energy charging the small magic sphere, and exhale and visualize it growing a bit larger. Repeat this inflating of the sphere until it totally surrounds you. When you are done hold your arms out or make a gesture that suits your style and release the spheres energy back into the air where u drew it from. When preforming spells you should create this magic barrier around yourself if you have the time. It really shouldnt be of concern until you begin more complex spells and rituals.

By now you should be able to enter your Magical state of mind and have the art of visualization down to a simple thing for you to do. So these next few little excercises should be no problem. The next time your around someone, try to get a feel for their energy in general. Do they seem tense? energetic? happy? Once you think you have tuned into it, enter your Magical state of mind for a moment and sing a catchy tune mentally and direct it toward them. See if you dont catch them humming it or whistling it later. If they are talking to you or trying to explain something in detail, try inserting random words or numbers in their mind to see if you can make them stutter or lose their train of thought. In a large crowd try focusing in on one person far from you that has their back turned and whisper in your mind to them hey!” and see how they turn around and stare dead at you. If you find yourself sitting outside with a friend on a calm and hot summer day. turn to them and ask “wouldnt a cool breeze be nice right about now?” when they agree sit back as a cool breeze blows over you both.

Some of the above has probably made you more confident in your abilities, this confidence adds much to your potential. Remember the barrier? That was just one way you can draw on the energies around you and manipulate it to any form or purpose you choose.

Hold your hands in front of you cupped together and visualize a tiny sphere of energy,feel its warmth. Think of a friend or family member who hasnt contacted you in some time. Breathe in deeply and focus on them calling you, and exhale as you focus the thought into the ball of energy between your hands. Continue this, inflating the sphere between your hands moving them further and further apart as it grows larger and larger as you charge it with your intent. Once it is the size of a basketball or so, take the time to move your hands across its surface. Feel it with your sense of touch,get a sense of what such dense magic energy feels like.

Once your done simply spread your arms out as if to toss it into the air and mentally tell it to go to the person it was meant for. You have just manifested a thought form and send it to someone else, if you charged it well you will probably be hearing from them soon. Thought forms carry out their intentions once separated from you, they are programmable extensions of yourself yet separate entities in their own right created from your life force.

With enough magic energy and intent you can create your own spiritual servitors in much the same manner, but attempting it is not recommended until you are sure of what you are doing. Magic Energy can be manipulated in almost any way you could imagine, in form and intent. I will leave the rest to your style and creativity in the practice of magic.

Meditation is something that you should definately not neglect. Taking time to immerse yourself in your own thoughts and communicate with your own mind will serve to help you progress in all matters including the ones concerning magic. In silence such as this you are also open to communication with entities that may have something to say to you. If you ever find yourself at a brick wall, meditation is where to turn.

So far, what Ive been describing are just the basics. And really one of many ways intentional or accidental one might start their path in the pursuit of Arcane knowledge concerning magic and witchcraft. The greatest results one could attain from the practice of magic and Witchcraft is through the structuring of very specific intentions with more complex magic spells and rituals. Magic Spells and Rituals are just another method of doing the same sort of things as I described above. The difference is that sometimes you may want to produce a result that is very specific and of greater impact than the simple methods of Magic above would yield.

For example lets say you want some specific project you are working on to be very successful. Such a specific intention seeking such a large result would most likely call for a magic spell or ritual. You can find already written magic spells and rituals easily. But magic spells you write yourself will always prove to be the most effective magic spells. If you plan on writing your own magic spells, get yourself a notebook or journal and let me give you some advice on the basics of writing your own magic Spells.

By now it would be safe to say you have probably established enough of your own perception on the subject to start reading books, picking through the worthless and considering the views of others as well as finding a few magic Spells that seem worthwhile.

Magic spells are all about manifesting your intent in the strongest way possible. Some magic spells call for a bit of ritual which is all about psychodrama. Manifesting your intent through magic spells often involves speaking the intent loud and clear, what better way to manifest it than to announce to the universe what your intent is in a physical manner. The ritual aspect helps speak it louder, being very structured and intentional by nature. Ritual often usually involves acting out of the ordinary which serves to strengthen your magical state of mind and at the moment makes you stand out like a bright light in a black ocean of the mundane. You want to grab the universes attention, but you will also get attention from spirits and entities hungry for such dense magic energy. This is why I will strongly recommend you create a magic barrier similar to what I described above before performing any of your own magic spells and Rituals.

Rituals and magic spells consist of basic principles. The announcement of the intent, the charging of energy to the intent and repetition or ritual of some sort. An example of a very simple magic spell is a little chant I am sure we all know “rain rain, go away. come again another day” The rhyme is the structure, the intent is clearly announced, but as it is used normally it lacks the charging of energy toward the intent to some degree. The singing itself does charge the intent somewhat, but entering a magical state of mind before singing it, and clapping in rhythm to the song with a large final clap at the end to release the magic spell would serve to make it more effective. And just as well dancing to the
song as you sing it would add the aspect of ritual to the magic spell to a small degree, and empower it further.

When writing your own magic spell, you should consider your intent. Write down a structured chant or song to be recited or repeated over and over. If you’d like to add ritual to your magic spell , construct and write down a series of gestures, tools to be used such as a dagger, special clothing you may wear, location etc, the key here being structure. The magic spell should begin with the chant or song announcing intent and calling on any particular spirit, god, demon, power, or magic energy if you prefer asking for help in the matter.

The ritual could take place during the chant or song, or directly afterwards. For example drawing magic symbols on the sand at a beach and repeating your intent each time a wave washes it away, or pointing a dagger in certain directions, arranging objects that symbolize the intent, burning a photo or anything you conceive. Then the magic spell should be wrapped up in a climax, a release of energy of some sort. This could be a loud scream, a puff of smoke, destruction of something, or even just a deep exhale. Performing magic Spells and Rituals alone will produce much better results, I prefer around 3:00 am in dark secluded places. But of course this is all left to personal preference.

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Some systems of belief suggest that you add a safeguard to all of your spells by closing them with “an it harm none, so shall it be”, basically saying “this spell should only work if it does not harm anything to do so”. You may want to use this technique yourself. But my outlook on that is  if someone is not sure and confident enough with their own intentions and willing to face the consequences of realizing them, they should not be practicing magic anyway. Besides such insecurity would only serve to dilute the outcome of a magic Spell, if there was one at all. But of course, that is just my opinion and hopefully it harm none. But if it does, I wont be losing any sleep over it.I hope that I have helped you. I could have written more here, being more indepth. But I am careful not to try and tell anyone how they should perceive things like this. I only want to point a finger in what I feel is a good direction. But by no means is this the only way, what you stand to truly learn could never be learned from reading any book or article. All the real knowledge is only reachable within. Good luck in your pursuits.

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